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How To Scrape AliExpress Product Data?

AliExpress is one of the biggest giants in the e-commerce industry which has similarities with eBay.


AliExpress is connecting small businesses in China and other locations such as Singapore with buyers across the globe. With over 100 million products in its catalog, they are now competing with Amazon.

Why crawl AliExpress™?

Considering the huge product catalog with millions of buyers’ reviews, AliExpress is a great data source for the product price, description, images, videos, and reviews. These data can be used to perform a range of analysis — right from price comparison and text analytics of reviews to market research and new product discovery.

How to crawl AliExpress™?

It can be challenging to extract data available on AliExpress if you are lacking the right resources and manpower required to perform web scraping at scale. Consider outsourcing your AliExpress data requirement to a fully-managed and dedicated data provider like PromptCloud that takes care of end-to-end data delivery.

Why Choose PromptCloud for Scraping AliExpress Data?

Experience:With over 10 years of experience in web scraping, PromptCloud has built a robust technical infrastructure and domain expertise capable of handling highly complex web data extraction requirements. Need millions of records per day from dynamic websites? No worries; we can take care of it.

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Dedicated Support:PromptCloud works with strong SLAs and invariably delivers more than what is promised in the agreement; perhaps that’s why some of our clients have been with us for more than five years now. We have a team of dedicated support personnel and success managers help you get the best of web data.

Fully customizable: PromptCloud understands that each and every web scraping project is unique in nature — it requires special attention and customization of crawlers based on clients’ requirements. That’s why many of the projects to scape AliExpress data have been modified to handle the exact requirement.

Fully managed service:PromptCloud’s web crawling service operates as an end-to-end solution in which end-to data requirements are taken care of. These services include building and maintaining the crawler (in case of site’s structural changes), cleaning, normalizing and maintaining the quality.

Quality assurance: PromptCloud makes sure that data is deduplicated, normalized, and double-checked for any errors before delivering it to the clients. The data pipeline maintained by PromptCloud has undergone many rounds of process optimization over the past years and is one of the most full-proof components currently.

Web data integration: PromptCloud not only crawls web data at scale while maintaining the quality, the REST-API and data delivery directly to the database of your choice also helps in quickly integrating the web data in your existing workflow. This allows your team to work with web data swiftly without worrying about the maintenance.

How does the scraping process work at PromptCloud?

Submit requirement: Let’s us know the site (e.g., AliExpress), the data fields, frequency of crawling, and file format.

Validate sample: Get the sample data and validate the same along with the data fields present in the sample file.

Proceed with web scraping: We’ll finalize the crawler setup to proceed with the web scraping project and upload the data.

If you are looking for a web data extraction solution that can cater to custom requirements and an organization that understands the power of web data as a business accelerator, it’s time to reach out to us.

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