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Web Scraping Product Details For SKU Data

Ecommerce websites are a goldmine of SKU product data. Whether you are planning to build a price comparison website, trying to outrun your competitors with pricing intelligence or looking to do some market research, data from Ecommerce sites can provide it all.


If you have a list of SKUs (Stock keeping unit) that you want to crawl from eCommerce sites, you are at the right place. Our dedicated web scraping solutions can help you Scrape Product Details For SKU data. Here is a brief overview of how it works.

Quick Implementation to Scrape Product Details For SKU Data

At PromptCloud, we can help you quickly implement live crawls within a short period of time. Our core focus is on data quality and speed of implementation. PromptCloud can fulfill your custom and large-scale requirements even on complex sites without any coding in the shortest time possible. We have ready-to-use live crawl recipes as a result of our vast experience in building large scale web crawlers for multiple clients across different verticals. This reduces the time to go live for any client who wishes to use our services. We also have an awesome customer support team to understand every customer’s needs and help them go live in record time.

Product SKU Data Scraping

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The crawler setup

Once our team gets your requirement details like the list of SKUs, source website URLs, data points and frequency of crawl, we start building a custom web crawler tailored to this requirement. Data points associated with product details include product names, price, colour, reviews and ratings, seller name, product id, images and much more.

Setting up the crawler is by far the most complicated task in web crawling and it takes anywhere between 1 to 2 days. Once the crawler setup is complete, the data starts flowing in which we save to a dump file. This initial data is not ready for consumption just yet. Since this data might contain noise (unwanted html elements and text that got scraped with data), it needs to go through a cleansing procedure. We do this by running the data through a cleansing system that takes care of this.

After this, the data is formatted to make it machine readable. The output data is perfectly compatible with analytics systems and databases after this point. We provide the data in multiple formats like JSON, XML and CSV. Data can be delivered via the PromptCloud API and pushed to Amazon S3, FTP or dropbox depending upon your preferences.

Monitoring and maintenance

Since the web is ever changing, it’s practically not feasible to develop a crawler that will work forever. Websites on the internet keep updating their structure and design that might make the crawlers stop working. To counter this problem, we have a dedicated setup that monitors all our target websites for changes. If changes are detected, it will send out alerts that help us promptly update our crawler programs

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