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Automated Web Crawling & Scraping RSS data feed extraction

Data originating from content

Data originating from content has become powerful and to a certain degree unmanageable. Those who’d like to curate and analyze this data need a lot of manual intervention unless you have a way to aggregate data from hundreds of RSS feed sources in one place. This data can come from a variety of sources such as blogs, forums, news sites, social media and e-commerce sites.

RSS feeds are a crucial, power-packed source of data as they contain most of the vital pieces of information that the content usually comprises of: Title, Author, Date, Body, Image. It’s a piece of information that has been freed of unnecessary noise such as ads, social shares, comments, and other elements on the page.

Crawling and scraping these RSS content feeds can be handled easily by an experienced vendor such as PromptCloud. We have years of experience in automating the process of turning RSS data into structured formats such as CSV that can be used for making that data more actionable.

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Looking to extract data from the web? Find out if our DaaS solution is a right fit for your requirements here.

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