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Automated Web Crawling & Scraping Rss Data Feed Extraction


In the age of machine learning, is there a smarter, more hands-off way of crawling the web? This is a goal that we’ve been chipping away at for years now, and over time we’ve made decent progress in doing automated data crawling and scraping RSS data feed. An easy-to-use web crawler can help users crawl oceans of automated data feeds from the web more efficiently. Being one of the best web scraping service providers, PromptCloud has been making data achievable to companies and making sure raw data is transformed into helpful analytical insights.

Data has become powerful and, to a certain degree, unmanageable these days. Those who’d like to curate and analyze automated feed need a lot of manual intervention unless you have a way to aggregate data from hundreds of RSS feed sources in one place. This data can come from various sources such as blogs, forums, news sites, social media, and e-commerce sites.

What Is RSS?

RSS, sometimes referred to as Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary is a protocol that makes it easy for other sites and tools to access the content in your site by formatting your content in a consistent, easy-to-parse way. Contrary to an HTML document, which could have the content be anywhere on the page, RSS indicates clearly what is the headline, body, and other elements of the content. This makes it easy to grab the content and display it elsewhere without the surrounding formatting and HTML code.

Recent years have seen “Really Simple Syndication” or “Rich Site Summary”(RSS) syndication of frequently updated content become ubiquitous across the internet. RSS’s XML-based format allows these data to be stored in a semi-structured format. But, clustering automated data feeds, and mining subjects by keywords, potentially useful information present in RSS remains undiscovered. RSS is specifically designed for applications to access websites in an easily readable format. Users could then use these applications to access these websites programmatically.

RSS typically contains snippets of the latest website content and is in a standardized XML format. It is, therefore, one of the best points for a site crawler to get the latest update of a website. RSS feeds are a crucial, power-packed source of data as they contain most of the vital pieces of information that the content usually comprises: Title, Author, Date, Body, Image.

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The Future of Content Aggregation with Automated Data Crawling

With the boom in e-commerce, price intelligence has notched up a new level of sophistication. One way or the other, business strategy depends on the analysis of data. And data scraped from where? Of course, the web! The more data there is, the more there is the need to analyze it and derive business insights from it. There will be more and more thrust on analysis of data scraped from competitor’s websites in order to chalk out one’s own business strategy.

News monitoring and content aggregation services also face challenges in keeping up with the exponential growth of the web. Content from the web is a mass of unstructured data that is continually changing form, growing, and increasing in complexity. It feels as though there’s an infinite number of social media accounts, blogs, forums, news articles, and reviews and message boards and you’re responsible for delivering up-to-the-minute reports on all of it. How do you sift through the heaps of data to refine it into usable information and knowledge? The answer lies in accessing as much structured web data as possible, filtering, and consuming the exact data you need on-demand and at scale.

PromptCloud’s RSS monitoring crawls and regularly indexes updated web content from a vast repository of news sources – millions of posts and articles per day and offers access to a massive repository of historical data. That’s the kind of comprehensive coverage you need to quickly identify trends, measure sentiment and ensure you’re not missing any important news sources. Our rich data and intuitive API are used by the world’s leading media monitoring companies to perform data mining and analyze the world’s online news and pre-filter the information based on language, country, author, and publication data for every news source.

Beyond RSS Scraping

New businesses will emerge out of the analysis of data extracted from a host of business websites. Web scraping services and scraping RSS data feed won’t be limited to the world of business. It is expected to expand to other fields as well over the coming years. From enhancing better marketing activities to creating a sound investment decision, web scraping is a boom to the current market and the future it holds.

Scraping RSS data feed is now easier with PromptCloud. Crawling and scraping RSS data feeds can be handled easily by an experienced DaaS provider such as PromptCloud. We have years of experience in automating and turning RSS data into structured formats such as CSV that can be used for making that data more actionable.

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