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Web Data Extraction Services

Web data extraction has become an essential utility for businesses looking to leverage big data to gain an edge in the competition.

While there are different approaches to getting data from the web, a web data extraction service is the best option considering the high volume requirements of most business use cases.
PromptCloud is a pioneer in web data extraction services and has the expertise and infrastructure required to extract data from any website and deliver it as continuous feeds, irrespective of the use case or industry vertical you are targeting.

You can extract web data without any limits when you choose PromptCloud as your web data extraction partner as long as the target sites don’t legally disallow web data extraction. A feasibility study is done prior to setting up the crawlers to ensure there aren’t any legal blocks for going ahead with the web data extraction project.


How our web data extraction service works

PromptCloud works on a DaaS model, where we take end-to-end ownership of the whole web data extraction process from setting up the crawlers to data cleansing and delivery. You will be provided with clean and structured data while we take care of all the complexities involved in web data extraction.

Requirement gathering is the only phase where you as a client has to be involved and all you need to do is to tell us about the sites you need data from, data fields to be extracted and the frequency of scraping.

Once we establish the feasibility, you can kickstart the web data extraction project by making the payment. Our team will then go ahead with the crawler setup and start delivering the data in the format, frequency and delivery method you’ve opted for. We can deliver the data in JSON, XML and CSV via multiple delivery methods such as Amazon S3, FTP, REST API and more.

The data delivered to you go through different stages of cleansing and structuring processes to ensure that the output is always clean and ready-to-use data that you can start using right away.

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Popular applications of our web data extraction service

The applications of web data extraction is vast and isn’t limited to a set of verticals. However, among the most popular applications are Ecommerce product feed aggregation, business intelligence, brand monitoring, recruitment and market research.

With our extensive tech infrastructure and its powerful automation capabilities, you can even discover new and innovative web data use cases. Following are some of the popular applications of web data extraction.

1. Price comparison : Ecommerce success is hugely tied to the pricing strategy. In order to fine tune your pricing to have an edge in the competition, you must have access to the price data feeds from your prominent competitors’ product catalogues. We have a solution that caters to the near real-time extraction of price data – live crawls. Price data extraction can also be useful if you are looking tobuild a price comparison website

2. Cataloging: Managing a large catalog of products can be challenging for any ecommerce portal. While it’s critical to have up-to-date information on the product pages for good conversion rates, getting product data from OEM websites and other ecommerce portals can be tough. Our web data extraction service can help you get product data from manufacturer websites or ecommerce portals including images for use in cataloging. This data will also help you discover more products and categories that are missing in your own catalogs.

3. Market research: Market research needs a large amount of data to uncover effective and reliable insights. Our dedicated web scraping service can be used to fetch huge amounts of data to carry out a comprehensive market research.
4. Sentiment analysis: Sentiment analysis typically needs extraction of data from social media sites like Twitter and public forums. You can extract data from any type of website where people share their opinions like forums, blogs, reviews section on ecommerce portals and social media platforms using our web data extraction service. This can be particularly helpful in understanding the response of your audience to your promotions and campaigns. You can use this feedback to further improve your business strategy.
5. Fueling job boards: Job boards require fresh job listings as continuous feeds to enrich their website. Our web data extraction service can be used to extract job postings from job boards and company websites to fuel your job board website.
6. News feeds aggregation: Having ready access to trending information and breaking news is extremely important to media companies. This can be made possible by using our web data extraction service to crawl a set of relevant sources in ultra low latency.
7. Brand monitoring: Having a positive brand image is imperative to survive in today’s highly competitive business world. Businesses can track their web presence using our web data extraction service and stay updated to opinions and grievances being posted online. By resolving them at the earliest, companies can save their brand image from being tarnished.
The applications discussed above are only a small part of the big picture and we cater to many more unique use cases with our web data extraction service. Our flexible solution will be able handle new and unexplored cases too.

Why choose PromptCloud’s web scraping service?

PromptCloud is the pioneer in enterprise-grade web data extraction service with about a decade of expertise in this space. Here are some of our exclusive benefits:

  • Fully managed service
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Plenty of customization options
  • Monitoring system to spot website changes
  • Robust infrastructure that can handle websites of any complexity
  • Ready-to-use clean and structured data

We take end-to-end ownership of the web scraping projects and provide you with the data you need, the way you need it. You can submit your requirements below to get started.

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