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Leading apparels retailer uses Big Data to run competitive analysis

Big Data Solutions Using data analytics and price sorting analysis, the leading budget fashion retailer brand creates unique competitive pricing strategies to drive online branding and improve visibility

Business Challenges

To understand the fashion marketplace along with the behavior of micro markets and make fashion accessible to all. Tracking competition running in the niche space and online share of the revenue across 6 marketplaces. Comprehend the brand performance and stay abreast with the competition.

The client manages thousands of SKUs across multiple brands in most of the well-known online marketplaces in India. Headquartered in Gujarat, the client runs a flagship textile manufacturing company. Where the requirement was to find a reliable partner for addressing the issue by receiving consistent and accurate data for making a reliable decision. 

About the Client

The client runs a leading lifestyle company offering close to 26 fashion brands in the country and globally, competing at the category level and price points. Today they have a global portfolio of lux brands retailed in over 1300 stores across 192 cities pan India.


To extract data from 6 online marketplaces for comparing price points and operations. The requirement was to automate the web data acquisition for in-house brands and competitor brands. 

  • Extracting accurate data in a structured format as per business requirements
  • Uploading data in FTP on a weekly basis
  • Working on ad-hoc requirements under tight deadlines


Type of Service: Custom DaaS solution

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Solutions Offered

Built custom crawlers for extracting data from close to a million pages on average per week. These crawlers are designed to extract the aforementioned data points based on the client’s strategic team. 

Allocating dedicated tech resources to ensure that the data delivery happens smoothly. The solution is built in such a way that the crawl happens every week at a client-specified time and the data is uploaded to the client’s FTP before the start of the week. Big Data Solutions in retail helps the brand achieve profitable growth.

Business Impact 

This data gets extracted and delivered in a JSON file, and the client uses these data points to feed their internal systems to stay ahead of the curve and ensure brand visibility on the digital shelves. Big Data Solutions in retail helps the brand improve visibility in the market. Where the impact and improvement were seen in tracking online brand performance and analyzing the competition.

  • Brand visibility increased by 30%
  • Increase competitive awareness in relevant markets
  • Optimizing operations across brands
  • Deriving insights on competitive pricing strategies
  • Seamlessly managing reviews and ratings across platforms
  • Big data in retail helps brand improve profitability

PromptCloud has been clinical in its approach to providing timely and accurate data, which served as a strong foundation for the top management to comprehend the complex online landscape. – Director EngineeringBig Data Solutions


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