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Airline Data Mining

The airline industry is evolving at an unprecedented rate. In recent years, the use of new technologies, a drive toward centralized planning, and the entry of new industry players have drastically changed the way the airline industry operates. Moreover, air travel has become a routine, and it would be tough to imagine a life without it. The airline industry has also remodeled how individuals live and conduct business by reducing travel time and altering the concept of distance.

With the maturity of the airline industry, the players have also mushroomed, each trying to win over consumers by enchanting them through value and innovation. The customers, too, expect something more with every flight they take. Companies in the airline industry are stepping up their game by leveraging advanced airline data mining techniques and trying not just to satisfy customers’ expectations but also surpass them.

PromptCloud helped an American airline major improve customer satisfaction by 2X by optimizing their pricing strategy, thus enhancing their profits by 17%. The case study covers:

Client’s web scraping objectives and challenges

How PromptCloud executed this project

Business outcome delivered

About the Client

Headquartered in the United States, the client is a leading player in the Airline Industry. The company was founded in the early 1930s and employs over 13,000 individuals.

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Business Challenges

Working in a highly dynamic and data-intensive airline industry implies there is a significant chance of human error at any point in time. Given the extent of price accountability, the client was looking to devise a data-based price optimization system that could help them in optimally pricing the flight tickets, while also focusing on margin enhancement. The aim was to analyze market dynamics and find avenues for margin improvement by getting access to structured flight data such as departure and arrival times, gate information, prices, flight numbers, and more from one or multiple airline websites or online travel agencies across the web.


Other challenges faced by the client included:

  • Market losses – The client was looking forward to having their own competitive price elasticity analysis model to prevent loss of market shares to their competitors. 
  • Dynamic pricing – With airline price data, the client wanted to capitalize on dynamic pricing strategies to improve profits without hampering the brand image. 

Though complex decisions on flight ticket pricing were made using both real-time and historical data sets, the in-house airline data scraping tools were not accurate enough to help them drive margins. This is when the client approached PromptCloud to leverage its airline data mining solutions to drive greater outcomes.

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Solutions Offered: Airline Data Mining

PromptCloud’s dedicated team of experts initiated a three-pronged approach to solve the client’s existing challenges. In the initial phase, our team gathered the requirements regarding the client’s project. In the next phase, our team of web scrapers set up the infrastructure to collect the data and structure based on the client’s requirements. Finally, we delivered the airline data in the desired format and desired frequency.

We extracted the major information factors, including trip IDs/names, trip day, arrival airport, departure airport, Plane name, place code, flight prices, No. of stops, arrival time, departure time, check-in, check-out, sight-seeing, and flight price monitoring. The source websites the client wanted to scrape included airline company websites like American Airlines, Aeroflot, Air Canada, Air France, Air India, Air Mauritius, Alaska Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Continental Airlines, Emirates, Gulf Air, Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, Kenya Airways, Kuwait Airways, Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas Airways, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, United Airlines, as well as Virgin Atlantic.

We set up the entire data pipeline wherein the data gets automatically delivered to the client via our API. To deliver the top-notch data, PromptCloud created a dedicated internal team to work exclusively on this project. Our team regularly connects with the client to discuss KPIs, new projects, and roadblocks, ensuring their web scraping system is always perfectly aligned with their business goals.

Business Outcome

PromptCloud’s airline data mining solutions helped the client extract various airlines’ prices through online travel agency platforms. The price data helped the client to analyze their prices against the general market pricing and design recommendations of tuning the prices according to their competitors’ pricing strategies.

By scraping data from multiple customer feedback forums and social media websites, we helped the client learn about customers’ general sentiment about their services and products. Further, this data helped them design effective marketing strategies that target customers according to their preferences and improve service and product offerings to meet customer demands.

PromptCloud’s airline data mining services automatically delivered all the information the client needed regarding travel bookings and airline tickets in their desired format within a short amount of time. Our real-time data scraping expertise helped the client keep track of the changes in the prices of airline tickets as they keep fluctuating all the time depending on many different factors, including touristic/non-touristic seasons, weather, the situation of the destination country, holidays, and more.

Within a year, the client was able to enhance customer satisfaction by 2X by optimizing their pricing strategy. This further enhanced their profits by 17%.

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