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Data Adoption and Usage
Things you must know about Web Scraping in the Travel Industry

New, unconventional data sources emerge to address travel industry challenges. Learn about the changing perception of web scraping in the travel industry.

Airline Data
How Data Analytics can add value
to the Airline Industry

Airline companies that will outperform in the long term will be those that are strategic in how they embrace data and leverage new technologies.

Real Estate Whitepaper
How Data Analytics can boost Real Estate Industry Trends

Real estate outlook for financial investment and use cases demonstrating the power of data in transforming the real estate industry.

Guide to web data integratoin
User Guide: How to Integrate Web Data into your platform

How web data acquisition and its integration into the existing company workflow can be done via PromptCloud.

Big Data Visualization
How Big Data Visualization can Help growing Companies

Why Big Data visualization is crucial for enterprises and the best practices to be followed to deliver quantifiable value.

Web Data Extraction in hotel industry
How to apply Web Data Extraction in the Hotel Industry

Application of web data in the hotel industry—deriving customer insights, optimizing price and generating leads.

Web scraping industry trends
How companies across domains leverage Web Scraping Trends

Learn how various industry verticals like Ecommerce, Recruitment, Travel, Real Estate and others used web scraping services.

Chief data officers web data
How to Harvest robust Data Capability for Data Scientists

Why CDOs must consider web data as an integral component of the data strategy and the right way to harvest web data.

Job Listing Whitepaper
User Guide: How to aggregate Job Listings from the Web

Understand how job listings can be extracted from the web in a cost effective manner using web scraping technologies.

backbone of ecommerce
Web Crawling is the Backbone of eCommerce Websites

We explain the irreplaceable contributions of web scraping technologies to the E-commerce industry.

BDI Report
Industry Report on How Big Data Industry is shaping the Future.

Get to know the in-demand features of the market and trends that would be visible in the immediate future.

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