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A New Age Company’s Guide to Web Data Integration

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A New Age
Company’s Guide to Web Data Integration

There has been tremendous growth in the amounts of web data getting generated in the last decade. During 2016 alone, the total number of sites had grown significantly from 900 million in January 2016 to 1.7 billion in December 2016. This makes the web an ultimate data repository that a company can use for a wide range of improvements for its business.

However, although at first, it might seem quite straightforward to crawl data from the web and use it for a specific use case, companies realize that it is quite complex to collect high-quality web data at large volume and maintain the data feed.

Morever, there must be a highly flexible and fully automated way to integrate the web data feed in the existing workflow of the company. This can be handled by different methods — downloading via API given by data vendor and getting the data directly uploaded to the company’s FTP or cloud storage.

This white paper covers how web data acquisition and its integration into the existing company processes can be done via a web crawling expert like PromptCloud via a range of methods.

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