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Setting up web data crawling applications is easy, provided you are really driven towards gaining strategic insights. It takes passion and expertise to get into the websites, look for data and set up crawlers without harming the integrity of the websites you want to scan. As we have fast-forwarded ourselves with the usage of the internet post-pandemic, the intelligence that the web can provide has become more accurate. Now, either you can muster a data team carrying expertise in all the latest tech or approach a passionate and domain-centric data analytics company  like PromptCloud. 

There is a study uprise in the requirement for quality data among businesses and marketplaces. The quality of data is gauged on various factors like downloading information in a structured manner, the ratio of data to errors, deduplication, data covered, and delivery. A company that can deliver quality data to businesses will always see recurring organic footfall. Accuracy plays an important role in data analytics, as it talks about the amount of web data scanned to project insights and validate data. 

Here’s how PromptCloud can help businesses

PC offers full-fledged end-to-end solutions which can integrate into your existing business workflow via an API or any cloud storage solution like Amazon web server, Dropbox, and G Drive. Covering multiple sectors such as e-commerce, travel, hotels, jobs data, market research, real estate, automobile, and finance. DaaS solution builds custom web scraping solutions for businesses looking for a solution to solve via data. Where every business is different and has a variety of data requirements. So the number of webpages to be scraped and frequency of scraping differs from client to client. 

The company offers a plug-and-play delivery format that can easily fit into your workflow. Helping companies with enterprise web scraping requirements, hosting services on the cloud, setting up live crawlers, scheduling extractions, and delivering a continuous real-time data flow. The automation tool by PC updates website links, and data points, merging data from multiple sources to fuel decision-making strategies with data-driven insights in an easy-to-consume fashion. A recent conversation with the Product team of PC infers that automated data solutions get smoothly delivered to clients even from complex websites within a short span of time and due diligence. Where the focus always remained on data quality and speed of implementation. 

Setting Up Website APIs

Data gets automatically extracted from the web or a file when data crawlers are set up with definite action items and the number of iterations. This data is useful to predict the future, run a market analysis, and for comparison of prices. There are many ways to crawl data, using a ready-to-use tool, setting up APIs, or building a DIY crawler. Ready-to-use tools mostly come in handy for small-scale and one-time requirements and building a data crawler needs data experts working on it and can be extremely costly to maintain the team and tech. 

On the other hand, setting up website APIs with data analytics providers like Promptcloud can be quite easy to deal with. Core sales team will help you with data mining from the websites of your choice and deliver this data in a well-to-read structured format. The tool allows two software programs to talk to each other about services and products. Creating clear communication on usage and functionality. Using APIs can allow a quick exchange of requests and responses. Also, hiring a web scraping service can help you with API implementations and provide cost-effective strategies. 


What makes web data crawling easy? Well, the science behind it is definitely complicated. It is the usage of tools created by data engineers, that can make web crawling look easy. Having your data analytics requirements fulfilled by a DaaS provider is a good idea because it is the simplest thing to do for a business. 

PromptCloud is an enterprise-grade DaaS provider for simplifying your data scraping requirements into a 2 step process. All you need is the list of websites and the data points. Set the frequency and the data automatically flows into the cloud storage of your choice. 

You could also opt for an API-based integration in which you can query the scraped data from your business workflow. The ability to create customized solutions that can help you in setting up any web scraping flow and extract actionable insights is what makes PromptCloud stand strong for over a decade.

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