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Web Crawling – The Backbone of E-Commerce

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Web Crawling: The Backbone of
Ecommerce – Whitepaper

Ecommerce has been an industry with immense competition and high profit margins since its inception. It has completely revolutionized the way businesses work, be it retail, B2B, local or global business. Before the internet, retail success was mostly associated with the location of the business. Prime locations meant a successful retail business as more people were likely to visit such places. Ecommerce made it possible for retail businesses to be successful regardless of their physical location and change from brick and mortar stores to websites. Ecommerce indeed has grown to be a highly profitable market where the competition is tightening by each passing day, if not hour.

It has also become such a vital part of the economy that it’s difficult to draw a line between Ecommerce and the old fashioned businesses. Being a highly competitive industry, Ecommerce uses a lot of help from the new age technologies for its mere existence as well as staying competitive and innovative. Web scraping is one such technology that keeps Ecommerce portals ticking. In fact, web scraping technology can even be called the backbone of Ecommerce. We explain the irreplaceable contributions of web scraping technologies to the Ecommerce industry.

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