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Web Scraping in the Travel Industry: Key Challenge and Use Cases

Looking back to 2015, the travel industry ranked as the sector most targeted by web scraping. At that time, this sector was mainly considered a growing risk for businesses, as it caused a loss of business and revenue by driving traffic away from the main site. However, as time has gone by, the perception of web scraping as a risk has somewhat waned. More and more companies in the  travel industry have understood its importance. This white paper will explore how the travel industry can take advantage of public data scraping and advise how travel companies can deal with the challenges of web data extraction.

A glimpse at what’s inside:
  • The changing perception of web scraping in the travel industry
  • How does the travel industry take advantage of public data scraping
  • Use Case of web scraping in the travel industry
  • Main challenges of collecting data

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