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Big Data Industry Report of 2016

Big Data had been making all the right noises since a very long time and the industry is finally getting into the fifth gear. 2015 was an exceptionally good year with vertical agnostic adoption of big data, leading to a more competitive market place. With a stable industry in place and the rise in growth of the industry as seen in the recent trends, 2016 is expected to go down as the year of big data industry evolution. In order to give our visitors an insight into what is currently happening in the big data industry and what we can expect in the time to come, we decided to share this industry report. It will shed some light on the current aspects of the market and what areas are currently experiencing large growth. Also you will get to know what features of the market are in demand, and what technological advancements or market demands and trends would be visible in those areas in the immediate future.

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