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Unleashing Success in the Real Estate Arena: A Case Study

How PromptCloud’s Custom Scraping Solution Helped a Top Real Estate Company in Middle East Gain a Competitive Advantage in the Market

Client Profile

Our client, a leading real estate company in the Middle East, has solidified its position as a trailblazer in the industry. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, they offer a comprehensive range of residential and commercial properties across the region. Their innovative approach and exceptional service have propelled them to the forefront of the real estate market.

Business Challenges

To maintain their competitive edge, our client faced a unique challenge – effectively monitoring and evaluating the visibility and perception of their properties across various travel aggregator platforms. The manual approach previously employed, proved error-prone and time-consuming, hindering their ability to adapt swiftly and stay ahead of competitors. It was clear that they required a solution that addressed their needs effectively.


Our client needed a robust system to track property pricing across multiple locations. They sought advanced filtering capabilities to gain in-depth insights and make informed business decisions. Additionally, assessing online visibility using targeted keywords and maintaining a specific ranking position were crucial indicators for success. Daily data extraction was a critical requirement to ensure up-to-date information for timely decision-making.


Type of Service:
Custom web scraping

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Solutions Offered

PromptCloud devised a tailor-made scraping solution to tackle these challenges head-on. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a wealth of expertise, we implemented an efficient and reliable data extraction process. Our dedicated servers, purpose-built for the client’s unique needs, ensured daily crawls were completed within an hour. The extracted data was seamlessly transferred to the client’s FTP site, automating the acquisition process and freeing valuable time and resources.

Business Impact 

PromptCloud’s custom scraping solution revolutionized our client’s real estate operations, driving them towards success. 

Here’s what they achieved:

Efficiency AmplifiedBy automating data extraction, our client bid farewell to error-prone manual processes. Efficiency soared, unleashing newfound productivity and seamless operations.

Dominating the CompetitionWith daily, accurate, and prompt data extraction, our client gained a distinct competitive edge. Real-time visibility into property performance across platforms empowered them to make agile decisions, outmaneuver peers, and cement their position as a market leader.

Empowered Data-Driven DecisionsOur solution provided our client with invaluable insights into property performance. Armed with a wealth of accurate information, they made informed decisions on pricing, marketing strategies, and critical business aspects, propelling their continued growth and success.

Efficient Time ManagementThrough automated data extraction, our client experienced significant time savings. This invaluable resource was redirected to core business operations, nurturing relationships, and driving profitability, accelerating their growth journey to unprecedented heights.

PromptCloud’s custom scraping solution empowered our client, a top real estate company in the Middle East, to use data effectively and thereby attain success. With PromptCloud’s automated data extraction solution, they saw remarkable improvements in their real estate operations, establishing a new benchmark in the industry.

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