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India’s leading budget hotel operating on Franchise based model uses Big Data to increase Hotel Occupancy Rates

Using data analytics and price sorting analysis, the leading economy hotel brand creates unique competitive pricing strategies to drive competitive advantage. 

Business Challenges

To understand dynamic pricing along with the demand-supply equation of micro-markets and making hotel offerings accessible to the customers, so the guests are aware of what to expect while booking a property. 

Running over 800 hotels across 100 cities, the hotel runs a popular chain of economy and budget hotels across India. Web data crawling for hotels and hospitality was one way to improve poor user experience. Client requirement was to extract hotel fares from multiple Online Travel Agents (OTAs) with multiple date range combinations to analyze price parity.

About Client

Our client services run an economy and low cost vacation accommodation spaces, where multiple branded and unbranded hotels (like mom and pop run businesses) compete for acquiring a larger market share. 


To extract data from multiple OTA platforms from specific cities and various hotels for comparing tariff  offered for a range of check-in check-out date combinations. 

Setting up crawlers to extract standard information such as hotel name, room type, breakfast details, cancellation details, tariff structure, hotel ranking based on default sorting, as well as price sorting.



Type of Service 

Custom web crawling

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Solutions Offered

Built custom crawlers for extracting data from 30 million pages on average per month from popular OTAs in India. These crawlers are designed to extract the aforementioned data points based on: city information, check-in, and check-out dates (as ascertained by the client’s strategic team). 

The custom crawling solution from PromptCloud, leads the client towards accessing the web data that can analyze hotel and hospitality trends across multiple channels. A direct result of this was figuring out a sustainable and competitive pricing strategy and a visible increase in hotel occupancy rates across cities in India.

Business impact 

This data gets extracted and delivered in a JSON file, and the client uses these data points to feed their internal systems to stay ahead of the curve and ensure price parity across OTA platforms. Where the impact and improvement was seen in hotel occupancy rates and structuring dynamic daily tariff offerings. 

  • Brand visibility increased by 15%
  • Implemented tariff optimization to increase occupancy rate by 30%
  • Automated tracking of OTAs to ensure better services for end-users
  • Increase in competitive awareness by analyzing pricing trends in relevant markets

The hospitality and tourism industry is all about smart pricing. We work with data analytics and highly capable data scientists to deploy in this area to centralize revenue management, for setting prices for every room of every hotel every day – Director Engineering



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