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World’s leading Consumer packaged goods company uses Big Data to enable business agility and growth

Using artificial intelligence (Ai), Machine Learning (ML) and  sentiment analysis, the CPG brand creates unique and innovative global product listing strategies to drive competitive advantage.

Business Challenges

A multimillion-dollar and multinational CPG brand with over 400 products globally and owning over 10 Million stores that serve over 2 Billion customers across 190 countries, deals with a lot of unstructured data daily.

Owning over 1100 in-house developed products, the client needed to improve product assortments to meet its growth targets for India. With eCommerce growing leaps and bounds, there was a dire need to maintain the supply chain of these products on many eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Walmart, Flipkart, etc. One solution leads us towards custom crawled web data that analyses product performance across multiple channels.


To extract data from over 500 online marketplaces for the client and its competitor products on a daily basis. This requires a large-scale crawling and data extraction of over 8000 pages across the internet.

Ongoing (more than 2 years now)

Type of Service:
Custom web scrawling



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Solutions Offered

Built custom crawlers for extracting product information such as name, brand, price, seller name, average rating, review count, and best seller rank. These crawlers extract deep-rooted data on seller information (for all sellers of the given products) and also helps to capture sentiments through analyzing review information.

Business impact 

  • Improved business agility
  • On-demand insights
  • Better predictive accuracy
  • Monitoring online presence – brand visibility increased by 20%
  • Optimization of client’s resources and cost reduction by 50%
  • Visible increase in online sales for selected categories by 15%
  • Tracking and blocking unauthorized sellers – ensuring no MAP violations (Minimum advertised price)
  • Automated tracking of products and data insights to ensure high availability for end-users.

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