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Unveiling PromptCloud Dashboard v1.0

October 1, 2015Category : Blog
Unveiling PromptCloud Dashboard v1.0

After the great success of our beta launch, we are now ready to place the client dashboard tool into the next orbit of v1.0.

We received some great feedback from our client community. Teaming it with our next set of essential features, the dashboard has now evolved into a full-fledged client support tool that facilitates eliciting requirements through monitoring upload statuses.

Some of the key features we have introduced follow.

    1. Checking live crawl statuses– all site statuses are now transparent. So you no more have to ask us about where a site is in the upload pipeline. With a few clicks, you could just work your way through the queue status and the remaining time left to complete the upload, thereby reducing the turnaround time multi-fold.View site statuses
    2. Downloading files– while automated access to our API remains the best way to download all data, in case you’re looking to get some latest files handy, you could do so using this feature. The tool now lists out the latest 2 days’ files, which you could download locally from the dashboard itself.Download recent files
    3. Monthly bill tracker– we have introduced volume and cost meters on the dashboard which now allow easy tracking of your monthly costs till date and hence eliminates any surprises with your monthly invoices at the end of the month. This meter resets at the beginning of each month.Organization-level Price Calculator

For more details about the new version, do checkout the help section.

So wait no more, and checkout the all new version. We value your feedback the most and would be anxious to hear your thoughts.

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