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Gathering and Monitoring

There comes a time in every business cycle when there is felt a need to evolve, to involve your clients in your process, every step of the way. This builds an open two-way communication stream, promoting mutual trust and partnership between both parties, thereby leading to a smoother customer onboarding and making continuous relationship management a success. Following the same principle, PromptCloud has launched a new Do-It-Yourself Dashboard, wherein, the clients can register their companies, mark their requirements and monitor their progress all in one platform.

The PromptCloud Dashboard is the next step of evolution in our Web Crawling and Data Extraction service and we hope to achieve a smoother and more reliable customer onboarding solution. Such a platform should help create a better understanding of how our service works for the clients and what they should expect, while we would better understand their data acquisition needs with the new requirement gathering platform and give prompt service with the tracking and notification functionalities. However, the following are the biggest points on how we believe this new Dashboard can benefit our clients.


Knowhow of service

With the new PromptCloud Dashboard, anybody looking for web scraping and web crawling can easily identify their requirements and see if our service would be a good fit for them. Yes. For a more detailed information, please read our blog on ‘Is Web Scraping Legal?’

Better need communication

You might be wondering how a Dashboard can help in better need communication? Well to simplify the over descriptive emails and the long need gathering process, we have added a feature, that lets you mark the data fields you wish to extract from a faux website, thereby helping our crawl experts set up your project crawlers more efficiently, cutting down the unnecessary, to and fro explanatory electronic conversations.

Constant monitoring

You can now check how many data records have been uploaded for your project at any point of time after the crawlers have been set and monitor the progress of your data extraction project at regular intervals. Isn’t that just great?

Efficient Client Side Management

Now, this is a tricky one. How many times does it happen for you that multiple people are involved in a project and they all need different takeaways from the same platform without hindering the project itself? Data, especially, is a much needed aspect of running any business and is required by multiple teams at different levels for different purposes. Our DIY Dashboard helps you to let different people from your team access this data with limited access and roles as assigned by you, without disrupting any project accidentally. You can now roll it out and share the same platform within your company and still be the one in control.

Easy to download and use data in multiple formats

Our simple and easy to use Dashboard, helps you download the data files in multiple formats, as and when you desire. So you can now download your data in CSV, XML, XLS, JSON or a combination of few or all of them. No questions asked.

User satisfaction

This is the ultimate goal! With the new PromptCloud Dashboard, you can report errors in data fields, loading of data, or simply make changes to your request by going to the Issues tab and creating an issue ticket yourself. We will immediately flag it as important and sort it out, so you can experience a superior and flawless web crawling and data extraction service always.

Have we got you interested in our new Dashboard yet? You can go and check it out for yourself at: Dashboard

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