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What enterprises do with Big Data- Part 2

March 6, 2013Category : Blog

It’s amusing how Big Data is knocking doors these days and so it took a while to settle down with the overwhelming response on the previous post. Here’s the next one. Notes- a) Notes that applied to the previous batch apply here too. b) Only public data gets crawled in the process and robots.txt is strictly..

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What enterprises do with Big Data – Part 1

January 31, 2013Category : Blog

Since we started in 2009, there have been more than obvious and lesser than evident ways of using a DaaS like ours. So we thought we’ll share what’s kept us busy (and growing), in batches to avoid overwhelms. There’s no limit to ways in which such a solution could help those who deal/ would like to..

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Is Web Crawling Legal – All You Need to Know

January 10, 2013Category : Blog Web Scraping

Businesses that involve crawling the web are shot with this question at every platform possible. Our answer to this mundanity- Is viewing a web page on your browser legal? Hell Yes! Crawling means fetching content from the web pages in an automated manner as opposed to manually opening each page in your browser. The calls made..

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Learning by doing @ PromptCloud

January 5, 2013Category : Blog

Startups are a great place to work if you want to learn new things and gain lots of hands-on experience. I heard this numerous times from friends, seniors and mostly blogs. I also heard that startups pay less and have lot of risk involved. Putting more emphasis on the learning part (quite often I think..

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Enterprise client acquisition lessons for startups

December 5, 2012Category : Blog

We jotted down our thoughts on enterprise customer acquisition scenario among startups via NextBigWhat- What are your thoughts?

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Nasscom Emerge 50 and the IEDRA Award

November 9, 2012Category : Blog

After 3 years of literal burn out routines, here they are- Nasscom Emerge 50 and the IEDRA award for us in a row. To give some background, Nasscom selects a group of 50 companies in India across categories and recognizes them as fast emerging companies providing them a high-voltage platform conveying to the ecosystem that..

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Standard Data Formats- Our Right to Data

September 4, 2012Category : Blog

As we continue to eat, sleep and live www, it’s more than necessary to migrate all the real world human rights to virtuality as well. Introducing “Right to Data” by means of which all humans on the web are entitled to accessing publicly available data in an automated manner so that their machines crib less. OK,..

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PPSS- a handy tool for parallel processing

August 27, 2012Category : Blog

We were looking for a light Linux shell tool, that could process given commands using advantage of multicore system (parallel processing). Two of the tools that we came across is worth writing about – parallel and PPSS. This blog discusses PPSS, while parallel can be food for a future blog. PPSS can be downloaded from..

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Takeaways from PromptCloud’s demo at Unpluggd

July 13, 2012Category : Blog

Last weekend was eventful at Unpluggd with scores of entrepreneurs, techies, investors and fellow startup community members coming together to unveil a landscape that’s only imaginable. Implying, only when you attend something like this do you realize with what pace the startup culture is evolving and what’s trending (this time around I gathered it was..

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Introducing Ready-to-use Big Data Packages

July 9, 2012Category : Blog

In response to the hustle in the market, we have recently launched ready-to-use data packages for some popular websites which carry a lot of relevant and meaningful information for businesses to function. Our powerful crawlers have already crawled millions of URL’s in this regard and our extractors have structured this data with relevant attributes. These..

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