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Using Redmine for Project Management

August 14, 2013Category : Blog

At PromptCloud, we follow a Scrum-but process and use Redmine, a neat project management tool, to support it. The basic version of Redmine is open-source and written in Ruby and can work on any machine that supports Ruby and that’s linked to some database. Its however quite strict in terms of compatibility with the Ruby..

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How Big Data is being used across industry verticals (Part 2)

August 8, 2013Category : Blog

Companies collect various kinds of data through transaction records or information provided by the customer. Some of that data is useful in the present day, while some of it is not. Even if the data is not as useful today, it doesn’t mean that a usage can’t be derived in the future – as any..

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Does Remote Working at your Enterprise Merit Consideration?

August 7, 2013Category : Blog

A few months back, Yahoo! stopped its remote working program. Best Buy followed suit by announcing that it was also discontinuing remote working. Apart from the top management philosophy behind these decision, remote working has it’s own set of pros and cons. It enables employees to have a good work-life balance as it allows them..

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How about Collaborating with the Competition & Growing Together?

August 1, 2013Category : Blog

To most entrepreneurs and small business owners, the word ‘competition’ is a dreaded one. For them, it’s a word that brings out visions of a stolen market share, price wars, and copied ideas. What most of these entrepreneurs don’t acknowledge is that competition is inevitable. One may be a leader in their market, but somehow..

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Towards More Productive Meetings

July 30, 2013Category : Blog

Meetings are an essential tool for getting things done by collaboration. Last week I attended a meeting that I felt was very productive. Even though it was not very long, we could finish discussing most of the things that we had set out to. Unfortunately, most of the corporate meetings don’t go that way. Here’s..

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13 Reasons Why your Business should Use Email Marketing

July 17, 2013Category : Blog Enterprise

Introduction to Email Marketing Many small businesses have come to realize the potential of online media as a marketing channel, mainly because it’s one of the most measurable and affordable marketing channels. Consequently, social media became a buzzword among businesses who were following the herd, without caring much about whether a match existed between their..

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How Big Data is being used across industry verticals (Part 1)

July 16, 2013Category : Blog

Basically, Big Data refers to our ability to collect and make sense out of huge amounts of data that is ever-expanding and decoding it into meaningful information, and more importantly, actionable strategies. Today in almost every industry, data-driven strategies are being used to compete, innovate, optimize costs or enhance the customer experience. For instance, some..

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Our Bit for Uttarakhand Flood Relief. Are you joining?

June 28, 2013Category : Blog

Nothing alleviates the pain and trauma caused to the victims of the ghastly floods that hit divine lands in Uttarakhand, India. All we can hope for is that such a deadly night of 16th June never repeat itself, and that peace be with families of the victims. To do our bit, PromptCloud has extended a..

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Introducing Dropbox, AWS S3, and Google Drive Delivery Options- API alternatives

June 21, 2013Category : Blog

Although our API is extremely simple to use and automate data downloads from, we have now expanded our data delivery modes. You can pick the delivery route that integrates well with your internal process and suits you best. PromptCloud can now provide data using the following 3 ways too: 1. AWS S3– If you already..

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Big Data Solutions for Classified Engines

June 17, 2013Category : Blog

The pre-digital state of classified ads was extremely monolithic; requiring a pair of reading glasses even for the normal eyes. Then came the internet with the explosion of websites. Digitization of classifieds too was happening and Craiglist was the pioneer. What followed is evident to all. There were more players rushing to this zone, and given the..

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