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Every brand strives hard to stay at the top of their game, and it’s right here that they require a strong online presence. A remarkable and striking spot in the digital space is a prime requisite for every business today. Social media likes and followers are critical to business achievements, which makes it imperative for every company to build a strong digital identity.

Media monitoring web crawling

Going by the current trends, social media marketing isn’t a choice anymore. It’s necessary for businesses irrespective of their size or nature. Present-day consumers depend on a brand’s social media activity, blogs, and mentions to develop crystal clear ideas of their objectives, products, and services.

Social media presence is important

If we take a look at the current market reports, 95% of consumers aged 18 to 34 follow a company or brand through their social networks. Now, that gives you an idea why social media networking is crucial for a brand. You will surely want to increase your ROIs and stretch profit margins, which creates the demand for an impressive and remarkable identity in the online marketplace.

However, building the presence, social media portfolio, or identity isn’t enough. Brand owners need to do more and perform strict analysis of their current position. That’s where web analysis seems to be of paramount significance. You should be aware of your website’s performance, as that will help you get an idea of its popularity and effectiveness. Before diving deeper, what we need to know is the significance of targeted web analysis.

Why do you need to enter the web data analysis space?

Do you own a brand or an enterprise? If your answer is ‘yes’, you will surely know what it takes to launch your startup. It’s your brainchild and therefore it isn’t unjustified for you to wish the best for it. Since social media presence and followers speak a lot about your brand, its services, and USP, targeted web analysis and analytics turns out to be imperative. Here’s why it is crucial:

Information and data: Web analysis is the key to gaining information about your brand’s performance. You will come to know whether customers are liking your product, the time they spend on your page, and several other information.

Actionable insights: When you have access to a rich data set, it won’t be difficult to gather actionable insights on your site’s performance. There’s always room for further improvement, and that’s where these insights can help.

These points define the importance of social media tracking and web analysis. Business owners have no other way than monitoring and tracking their social media profiles, as that gives them crucial insights into customer actions and purchase trends.

How to ensure complete monitoring?

Before you begin to track or monitor your site’s performance, it will be imperative to know the significant processes. Keeping track of your social media mentions and backlinks is the most effective thing to do here. Let’s deal with social media tracking first!

Tracking mentions

At times, your brand might be mentioned without a link. However, Google finds them important as they can add considerable value to your site. These mentions act as implicit links that lead to successful conversions. It is here that you need to identify the source of these ‘mentions’ thus performing targeted analysis on them. Google can help you out by employing bots that crawl the web for effective indexing of important links. Here are some of the ways it follows:

Google alerts: Determine, decide, and choose phrases. You can set them as targeted keywords and Google will send notifications the moment it finds these phrases in social ‘mentions.’

Brand name alerts: Business owners can also choose their brand names and set them as alerts. Google will index the common variations as well.

Your technical aids

Tracking social posts, blog postings, and social networks require proper indexing and web crawling. You can employ and leverage some of the most effective tools that help you monitor these ‘mentions.’ Here we go!

1. Mention

When it boils down to uniquely tracking social media mentions, ‘Mention’ emerges as the best option. Quite a few site owners and even bloggers are opting for this tool, as it offers real-time results. The following reasons will explain how ‘Mention’ is useful:

Comprehensive brand view: Get the hang of your Twitter readouts or Photobucket shares along with consumer behavior and sentiment analysis. Mention executes the entire process in real-time, which grants you the opportunity to react to new posts and work on a new set of keywords.

Feature-rich dashboards: Check the indexed results as well as the new ones on the same dashboard. You won’t have to leave one page for the other.

Get app-ready: You can get ‘Mention’ as an application. Another crucial advantage is the presence of social media functionality. Reply to tweets and popups while staying active on the dashboard.

As a free web crawling solution, Mention ensures numerous benefits for site owners. For improved results and in-depth keyword research, you will need to get premium packages.

2. Sprout Social

Monitoring social ‘mentions’ has become a prime necessity for every brand today. Apart from Google Alerts and Mention, Sprout Social happens to be another crucial resource. The tool leverages web crawling and site indexing thus sending you reports on site links. Site owners can get the reports directly on the dashboard, and there’s no need to check emails at regular intervals.

Most importantly, this particular tool finds effective application in social media monitoring teams. Every team member gets access to the important reports and indexing results, thus assigning them to specific people for analysis.

3. Google Alerts

Crawling sites for keyword mentions will lead to effective identification of the same. Google Alerts introduces a unique, targeted, and dynamic way of identifying ‘mentions’ on keywords while crawling sites for search results.

Site owners can set up alerts according to their needs and preferences, as there is no upper limit. The alerts will help you prepare a list of useful links thus sending them to sites which have mentioned targeted keywords. The format of the list is similar to Google SERPs, which turns site navigation into a smooth affair. If you are a first-timer in tracking ‘mentions,’ Google Alerts is the most functional resource for you.

4. Topsy

Monitoring ‘brand mentions’ across the digital platform is imperative to get crystal clear insights into site performance. Topsy can help you do that by identifying social insights from popular online conversations.

With a real-time database, sentiment analysis, and crucial analytics, Topsy can help you get real-time reports on site analysis. You have a myriad of options when it comes to sorting links including tweets, photos, links, influencers, and videos. Don’t worry if there are huge content volumes to index. Topsy concentrates on the top conversations and influencers, not everything that happens across the web.

5. Hootsuite

Most people use Hootsuite for social media automation, but did you know that it can be used to leverage web crawling in an easy way? Hootsuite offers real-time reports on site performance by indexing the most popular conversations across web channels. By creating and developing a stream with effective keywords, you can get real-time updates on your brand ‘mentions.’

Since the tool comes with free, professional, and enterprise versions, site owners, you are sure to find something that fits your requirements. Individual owners, as well as brands, can use it to develop an idea of the buzz around their services.

6. PromptCloud’s web scraping service

PromptCloud has the domain expertise and technology skills to analyze your web presence and track media mentions and consumer reviews. You can use our managed web crawling solution to know your customers better by tracking keywords related to your product and brand names. Our low latency crawls can traverse through thousands of sites, blogs, and social media platforms in near real time, looking for your keywords. With this facility at your disposal, you can easily monitor who is saying what about your brand and thus get directions to devise and deploy personalized marketing campaigns across multiple digital channels. In a nutshell, you will come to know about your consumers, their thoughts, and conversations which are key to improving customer experience and ultimately, your bottom lines.

Concluding note

These technical aids can help brands and site owners get a hang of their consumer choices, preferences, and purchase behaviors. Quite naturally, that prepares the ground for better marketing moves. Translating social data into successful conversions demands targeted web analysis. With these dynamic tools working on the unique principles of web crawling, you won’t miss or ignore a thing about your brand!

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