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top reads of 2022
Jimna Jayan

Entering a new year can feel like taking a plunge in an ice bath or a cold pool.

It’s exhilarating. And the experience is more pleasure than pain when you keep your focus on the things that are vital.

So as you step into 2023 with ambitious business goals, stay centered on valuable insights. Our top 5 reads cover everything from web scraping, data extraction, web scraping tools, data analysis to big data, and other related knowledge. 

With companies now using data as the foundation of their entire business model – from strategic planning, product management, marketing campaigns, customer service all the way through to HR policies, these insights will help you navigate what lies ahead with confidence. Here are top reads of 2022.

Top Reads on Web Data Scraping to Help you Navigate 2023 with Confidence

1. eCommerce Data Analytics for Your Business

Boosted by the pandemic, online sales have scaled new heights. Even avenues like online grocery delivery which weren’t that popular earlier have seen high growth, led by companies like Amazon Fresh and Instacart. The growth of many new eCommerce stores with each operating in a certain niche has only made the competition fiercer and raised the stakes higher. In such a wrestling match, eCommerce data analytics is the only thing that can give companies an upper hand. Data needs to be collected, processed, and anazlyzed such that multiple departments can use it for better market analysis, understanding customers and accordingly making data-backed decisions. Learn the top use cases of eCommerce data, and how you can use it to drive growth. 

2. 9 in 10 SMEs Now Outsource Large-Scale Web Scraping Services

PromptCloud’s new article, ‘9 in 10 SMEs Now Outsource Large-Scale Web Scraping Services’, reveals that 91% of smaller retail and e-commerce organizations and 82% of large SMEs are outsourcing a web scraping team or partner to help inform business needs.

Data is necessary to implement strategies that are based on market trends, competitor actions, and consumer demand. Having access to data enables businesses to predict markets with much greater accuracy affording commercial opportunities, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition. 

You can read the entire article on ‘9 in 10 SMEs Now Outsource Large-Scale Web Scraping Services’, to gain more insights.

3. Sentiment Monitoring in the Financial Sector

Sentiment Monitoring has been used for Brand Monitoring or to spot trends in retail customers for a while now. In the Financial Sector, Sentiment Monitoring has seen a recent surge. This is due to the increase in the number of retail investors who often debate on social media pages and discussion boards. Opinions and statements made on these platforms have resulted in massive volatility in the market and have broken risk models.

Companies specializing in building financial models need to use sentiment analysis on social media data and the latest news articles to better judge the markets.

4. Scraping Search Engine Result Page

It is evident that there is high competition for the top spot on any search engine results page. Especially with Google, the most popular search engine that commands 91.56% of the search engine market share, it becomes extremely important to analyze the performance of your website rankings.

SERP scraping gets you access to important competitive data that can inform your business strategies. By understanding what the top rankers are doing right, the same best practices can be inculcated for your own website’s SEO.

Using SERP scraping, you can copy the data from any webpage and download it for perusal. This helps you derive meaningful insights for your own website and strategize ways for improving its ranking. Find out the significance of scraping search results.

5. How Data Visualization can Boost your Brand’s Visibility in the Fashion Industry

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated online shopping footfall, with over 90% of the world’s population using the internet. Taking the e-commerce unicorn brand as an example, Shein has doubled its valuation from $15 Billion to $30 Billion in 2021 and has reached $10 Billion in annual sales

It is evident that eCommerce is on a rise. Every day more companies are going digital and the competition in the niche markets is rising too. The booming retail businesses are focused on exploring methods to acquire leads and make sense of the trends to increase revenues. Explore the 3 ways web data crawling can help the eCommerce sector.

We believe our top reads for 2022 will help you understand more about web data extraction and its importance and help navigate the coming year with confidence.

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