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People from all around the globe come to Twitter to discover and discuss about what’s happening in the world right now. Around 500 million tweets are sent out each day. This makes it one of the best social networks to gather insights for business development. Any business that wants to make sense has a Twitter account already, but are they all using Twitter to its full potential? Twitter is a goldmine of information and marketing potential, but if you learn a few simple tips, you could do a lot better with it than you do now.

Twitter tips to improve engagement and business

10 Twitter Tips for your Business to Grow

So here’s a list of tips that could help you make better use of Twitter as a marketing tool.

1. Go Visual for More Engagement

Humans have always been attracted to visual content more than plain text only content. Although Twitter is all about short chunks of text, you should occasionally include images, gifs and videos to make it all the more interesting to your followers. Tweets with image or video links get 2x engagement than a regular boring tweet.

2. Schedule your Tweets

You might be familiar with social media management tools like Hootsuite, Buffer and TweetDeck that enable you to schedule tweets. But did you know that you could do the same with the in-built feature of Twitter? All you have to do is head to and login to start scheduling your tweets. You can schedule tweets up to a year in advance. This can be a great time saver in your Twitter marketing campaigns.

3. Embed Tweets on your Website

This feature has been around for a while now, but it can do wonders if implemented well. Embedding tweets on your website or blog can gradually increase the engagement on your Twitter account. This is because people get to interact with your tweets without actually having to be on your Twitter profile. This basically puts your tweets in front of all your website visitors thus increasing visibility and engagement.

The more people see your tweets, the more will be the engagement – simple as that. To embed a tweet, just click on the more button below the tweet and click on ‘embed tweet’. Now you can simply copy and paste the displayed html code anywhere in your website.

4. Set up Multiple Twitter accounts using the Same Email

Marketers often find themselves in positions where they need to create and manage multiple Twitter accounts. Twitter doesn’t let us create more than one account with an email id and it can be a tiring task to create and manage a new email id. However, there is an easy workaround for this problem. If you are using Gmail, you can provide Twitter the same email id that you used to create a Twitter account with a dot (.) in between the username.

For instance, if your email id is and there’s an existing Twitter account associated with it, you can provide Twitter with for creating a new Twitter account. Twitter will consider this as a new email id, but all mails sent to this new id will still reach your old inbox. This can save you lots of time and effort.

Note: If you are using email aliases inside Google apps, you will have to enable the ‘catch all’ option as well.

5. Pin Tweets to the Top Permanently

Pinning your most important tweets on top of your timeline can ensure maximum exposure to those tweets. If you pin a post, it stays on the top of your tweets permanently and visitors coming to your Twitter profile will definitely see it. This can be a nifty little trick to use if you want to make a tweet go viral. To pin a tweet, just click on the three dots below that tweet and select ‘Pin to your profile page’.

6. Extract Insightful Data from Twitter

As I said earlier, Twitter is full of insightful data that businesses can exploit to their advantage. But if you want to make sense of this enormous data that Twitter has in stock, you will have to extract it all from the Twitter API. And how do you do that? You can use free tools to extract data from Twitter but it will still be a huge task considering the amount of data that you will require for reasonable analysis. You can also use web crawling services to get your required data crawled from Twitter and delivered to you. The latter will be an easier route since you can start using the data immediately. There are also dedicated Twitter crawl services that are designed to be brilliant at extracting data from Twitter.

Twitter crawl services

7. Use Relevant Keywords in the Bio

Search engines are not the only things where keywords matter. The search feature in Twitter shouldn’t be ignored at all since people are looking for relevant profiles on Twitter using the internal search. Using your main keywords in the bio section without sounding too desperate is a good way to gain some visibility. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with this.

8. Turn off Annoying emails from Twitter with a Single click

The promotional emails and suggestions Twitter sends us via email can get quite annoying sometimes. But luckily, we can stop it all with just one click rather than unticking each option from the email notifications panel. To turn off email notifications completely, login to your account and visit the profile settings. Select ‘Email notifications’ from the left pane and click on ‘Turn off’. That’s it, no more annoying emails from Twitter.

9. Be Active, Responsive and Human

Being active and responsive is more of a basic requirement than a tip, but this still needs to be talked about. Your followers are humans and they will trust your brand the more you sound human. And to sound human, you might want to manually reply to each tweet instead of sending a standard response. Also, customers love it when brands answer their queries in a timely manner.

10.Tweet Unrelated but Interesting stuff once in a while

Don’t be a boring company that only talks about business all the time. In order to create a spark with the users, you will have to post unrelated but interesting and fun stuff with your followers. This gives your brand a more likeable image which is important in the long run.

Bottom line

Twitter can be used as a great marketing tool and even more if you master it. Like any other tool, the effectiveness depends on how good you are at using it. So, make sure to apply these actionable tips if you haven’t already.

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