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Crawl And Scrape Twitter Data

Crawl and Scrape

Twitter is the most widely used social media platform for applications ranging from brand monitoring, sentiment analysis, consumer pattern researches to lead generation. So if you’re looking to crawl and scrape Twitter data, our dedicated twitter data extraction offering helps you gather all the Twitter data you need in near real-time.


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How this works?

You provide us with a list of keywords that gets fed into our crawler. The crawler then continuously looks for matching tweets to your list of keywords as tweets get published. All these tweets are later converted into a structured format with other associated information. You can now query the datasets that have been captured through our Search API using various criteria. Or you can just download the files (with added normalization if you like) from our data API. Twitter data can be extracted for various other applications as well.

Applications of Twitter data scraping

Twitter is one of the most happening places on the web where information pertaining to trending topics around the world gets posted on a real-time basis. This user-generated content is ever-growing in size and hold a lot of value to businesses who know how to use it. Here are some of the popular applications of Twitter data scraping that we’ve been catering to with our custom Twitter crawling service.

Sentiment analysis
Sentiment analysis is an application of Twitter data scraping which has implications in every aspect of human life, be it business, politics, economy or technology. Brands use sentiment analysis to gauge the public opinion about various trends, products, world events among many others. The results of sentiment analysis can be extremely helpful for targeted marketing and designing new products that meet the demands of the customer at a much deeper level.

Brand monitoring
Brand reputation is a crucial factor for the success and growth of businesses nowadays, irrespective of their industry, domain or market. Tracking brand mentions on the web can help you identify marketing opportunities, track brand reputation, identify unauthorized sales of products across eCommerce platforms and more. Having a positive brand image among customers is all the more important in today’s business world which is deep-rooted in the web.

Machine learning training
Machine learning has been steadily gathering popularity and widespread adoption during the last couple of years. This has lead to tremendous developments in the field of Voice Recognition, Image recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing to name a few. When it comes to Machine learning problems like NLP (Natural language processing), there is a huge demand for user generated content and Twitter is a goldmine for anyone looking for NLP training data.

Customer voice
Listening to your customers is something that any business rooted on the web can no longer ignore considering the nasty after effects of the same. Customers can make or break your business and there’s no doubt about it. This is why customer-centric businesses are now using twitter data to monitor the customers’ opinions, grievances and feedback on the social media platform.

By using a Twitter data extraction solution to closely watch the trends in the financial world, smart and data-backed investment decisions can be made consistently. A predictive analytics system can be run on this data to project future trends and stay ahead in the game.

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