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Web Scraping with an Edge

The global market is now more aware of its data scraping needs. And so with the demand, the list of suppliers has grown too. This post is dedicated to bringing out the PromptCloud Advantage among such providers.

PromptCloud-Winning-The Race

1. The know-how

Crawling the web, as mundane as it may sound, is a fairly complex task. No one is to be blamed for overlooking the complexity as these things surface only after you’ve tried it yourself and delved into the nitty-gritty. The design decisions you take sit at the core of what you build and eventually monetize. And the long-term effects of such architectural choices are as pleasing if you’ve done it right as disturbing they might turn out if you’re not far-sighted.

Although the expertise of building the tech stack for such large-scale data acquisition, distributing your clusters (and putting thoughts into their geographical locations), maintaining queues, databases and backups, does come from ‘been there done that’, we have been lucky to have the tech advantage imbibed into us since inception. Not that we got it right the first time, but our systems have evolved with technologies, improving each day. Now that we have been there in this business for the last 56 months, it does feel like a long journey for our stack and yes, we do know better 🙂

2. SLAs-

SLAs are what bolsters the data itself. PromptCloud’s key SLAs are scale and quality; while not compromising the data coverage or the politeness policies on your sources. Since we perform focused crawls, there’s no dilution of data and you can consume it all or ask us to index it in order to search using logical combinations in queries. For your reference, here’s a list of all SLAs to visit while picking your data service provider.


3. The Experience-

There are many Web Scraping with an Edge tools and crawling services in the market which might just serve the need. What PromptCloud provides is a data acquisition experience; and we go as many number of extra miles as you’d like us to go for it. By leveraging our DaaS platform, we make sure you get what you need from the time you start your research for a data provider through importing the data feeds into your database. We hear your requirements in detail, make sure we’ve got it right by sharing samples and going multiple iterations of reprocessing the data to match your needs while you battle internally on freezing your requirements. But what’s more magical is the way all these feeds get delivered to you, at the intervals you requested; programatically.

It might be evident for the SLAs and the know-how fusing to provide the experience, but it’s that additional human touch that actually aids in sustaining it. We make sure you’re at peace while our systems handle the roadblocks and sort out the messiness on the Web Scraping with an Edge.

Have other questions on our operation model? We’re eager to answer your questions. Reach out to or drop in a comment here.

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