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Last weekend was eventful at Unpluggd with scores of entrepreneurs, techies, investors and fellow startup community members coming together to unveil a landscape that’s only imaginable. Implying, only when you attend something like this do you realize with what pace the startup culture is evolving and what’s trending (this time around I gathered it was Angel funding 😛 ).

We were extremely proud to be one of the nine finalists among 550 nominations who had this golden opportunity to tell the world- “we exist”. We’ve been overwhelmed by the responses on the demo and believe it was worth being a part.

So in case you’re interested, here’s a short blurb on what to expect (and what not to) when attending one of such startup events AND being in the limelight.

  1. Expect to meet some big names in the industry you wouldn’t have otherwise met.
  2. Expect folks to be polite and willing to talk. An important aspect of such events for everyone is networking- no exceptions.
  3. Expect a lot of questions on what makes you different. Do not rehearse the answer.
  4. Expect a lot of visibility.
  5. Expect to be on the first page of Google for some time for tags of your interest (again, depends on the forum. NextBigWhat has some good SEO).
  6. Expect people to queue up to speak with you giving you a celebrity like feeling if you’re not used to it yet.
  7. Expect a lot of meeting/ call requests following the event.
  8. Expect questions on your funding status as if they were asking you- “are you still single?”
  9. Expect investors forcing you into funding.
  10. Expect a lot of learnings and feedback which don’t come your way everyday.
  11. Expect revisiting your strategies and things you had in the pipeline.
  12. Do not expect qualified leads (might not be true in the long-term).
  13. Do not expect to remember the context for all business cards you collected. Write on the card to remember.

We found ourselves mostly discussing the pain points we solve and got some amused looks when we spoke of the cutting-edge technologies we have in place. Some liked the patented statements we made during the demo and being bootstrapped earned respect. However there were some who wondered- “ they provide Data Crawling services. Like a hundred other companies doing exactly this..”. I can’t help but answer here since it questions our worthiness demoing at Unpluggd :P.

  1. Google provides a search engine, just like thousand other companies can or have built. We’re not Google but we intend to brand ourselves as THE crawling solution to hit at.
  2. A feedback is always appreciated if you’ve done it yourself first and felt the pain. Most of our existing clients have tried it themselves and then resorted to our solution. Others have acted smart by directly approaching us.
  3. Crawling has become a mundane term. But imagine crawling tens of thousands of websites for various kinds of data that helps 100’s of enterprises run their businesses smoothly by having smart AI agents in place, ensuring 24 X 7 uptime with good system design, staying extremely prompt with any data issues, and still abstracting clients from all the tech-aches that continues on the web as if you just had a stroll in the park, is the revolution we’re here to create. On a side-note,  many a times we’ve had our customers tell us- “Everyone says they can do it, but no one has been able to give me the data I want”.
  4. PromptCloud was started in 2009 when big data was not that big, and foresaw the problems it could create.
In case you’re still wondering why we were demoing at Unpluggd, feel free to post your comments below. Slides from our demo are uploaded here.

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