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Gathering Product Intelligence is usually a big pain point for all Ecommerce companies. From acquiring retail data to product catalogues, and mapping everything onto a single platform is difficult for the best of product teams trying to carve a place for themselves in the competitive eCommerce market today. Unfortunately, small yet growing companies face the worst resistance in the form of barriers for new entrants in the industry. With no product outreach backup or established personal vendor relationships, a lot of product teams are just struggling to stay afloat to acquire product catalogues, list of vendors and their inventory details, price fluctuations and getting any other information that would help them achieve a fast track growth.

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George, who is a Product Intelligence head of such an eCommerce company, finds himself in a similar predicament and decides that he had had enough of “Float in the dark” guesses and wanted to adopt a more measured and calculative approach to help his company gear up for a higher growth. He wished to acquire ready to use data from multiple retail brands on a recurring basis and showcase them under his site’s product catalogue. His major pain points were:

  • Aggregating catalogues of over 1 Million products from more than 100 sites daily
  • Structuring data uniformly
  • Sustaining the data quality over time and through multiple repeat processes

He tried accessing data feeds from individual brands, but faced multiple constraints ranging from limited data availability to different formats of data files and redundant data sets. While George was playing around the idea of an automated crawler to ease his data acquisition pain points, he came across PromptCloud, a web crawling and data extraction solution, to outsource his web crawling requirements. PromptCloud helped Georgy by:

  • Setting up custom crawlers for George’s unique requirements
  • Continuous error free extraction of product information by auto monitoring the crawlers

All George had to do now was download the data sets that were uploaded onto the PromptCloud API and transfer to his own database. By utilizing PromptCloud’s service, George is now happily leading his product intelligence team.

  • He can shift his focus to more pressing issues than acquiring data
  • He is agnostic to any data crawling and monitoring issues
  • He is on track to meet any deadlines for his product launch

If you too wish to turn around your Product Intelligence team by easing your data acquisition pain points like George, just log on to or email us at and let us take away your data troubles for good.

Click on the video below to see how George turned around his Product Intelligence team along with his business and how you could leverage fresh and qualitative data feeds from PromptCloud to turn around your business as well.

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