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Big data represents data sets that are too large to be handled utilizing typical data management systems. Rather, you must learn to collect, analyze, and manage massive amounts of data. For businesses that use large scale data, it can be hard to know where to start. Data collection can include patient data in the medical field, rating data in the entertainment industry, and sentiment analysis in marketing. Collecting information is only worthwhile if the information itself is useful and clear. This is where custom web crawler can aid.

Web scraping is a useful tool when it comes to handling and analyzing vast amounts of data. Once you have a data analysis routine down, you will be fully equipped to make data-informed decisions and even find ways to supplement that data.

Large Scale Data 

Large Scale Data is used to describe large amounts of data that are hard to manage, analyze, and use. Even though having a multitude of data points can make your insights more precise, you need to be able to handle the quantity before learning anything from it. Once you learn how to manage large scale data sets, you will make informed decisions, be able to better foretell industry changes, and improve your product or service. 

A common way of collecting large scale data is using a custom web crawler, the automatic process of extracting information from web pages. You use a custom web crawler to parse through a certain set of data, the scraper extracts it, and then it is organized and downloaded to be shared amongst a team. Scraping works quickly unlike manual data extraction and can work with large quantities of data at once. This makes scraping perfect for small business owners that can’t afford to have an entire department dedicated to data collection. It is also useful in a myriad of trades because the process is simple and doesn’t require tons of technical knowledge, making scraping a useful skill for anyone to have.

Gathering Large Scale Data with Custom Web Crawler

Web scraping is the process of extracting information from web pages and exporting it into a shareable format. Because of this, web scraping is the perfect tool for collecting large data sets. Here are different ways you can use a custom web crawler for data extraction.

#1: Social media

When you scrape a social media profile, the data helps you understand your consumer base at a deeper level and even discover a new target audience. You can also scrape trending topics or keywords if you are looking for specific data on how social media users react to a certain topic. For businesses focused on selling through eCommerce sites, these sites are luckily full of important sales data and customer data. The vast amount of reviews under each product can be scraped to have a set of opinions on which parts of the production is lacking. 

#2: Google

By scraping google and google places, you can collect data on the top search results for a given keyword or scrape google places to find the top locations for a given city or keyword. Because Google is a go-to search engine for many, the results are also based on millions of searches.

Web Scraping and Managing Large Scale Data

Web scraping is a great collection, analysis, and management tool for big data sets. For small businesses, collecting large sets of data gives them the most insight on how to improve gauge customer sentiment. 

Custom Web Crawler Solution

When companies get tired of using the same old data, then it is time to create a custom scraping solution. Custom solutions are built as unique scrapers that can scrape by the millions or billions for less per scrape, making them perfect for large data. For those new to scraping, our team also helps build the scarper to reflect your data needs. Our team helps you brainstorm and helps you manage proxies and developments. Therefore, the stressful aspects of site crawling or web scraping are outsourced to us, giving you more time to make smart, informed decisions.

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