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Of everything going on, we took an interest in what people are most searching for on the google search engine while the coronavirus outbreak. We would agree that COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, has changed many lives drastically in some cases. Having to take responsibility for keeping yourself and the ones close safe and healthy, figuring out how online classes work, working remotely from home, filling in the free time at home, etc. Everyone is adapting, looking for new solutions, finding ways to cope with the chaos that the worldwide pandemic has created. Google trends scraper extracts data from google search engines.

COVID-19 Google Trends Analysis for the word 'Flights'

The beginning of March the coronavirus took an enormous impact with every country beginning to close borders, implementing travel restrictions, conducting virus-recovery packages. And, the situation is still the same when it reaches 2021. This made many turn to google search engine to find ways of route changes to safely get to their home countries or look for cancelled flights; therefore, the term “flights” experienced a rapid increase and even faster decrease after reaching the peak at the middle of March and starting of 2021.

COVID-19 Google Trends Analysis for the word 'Toilet Tissue'

Who would have thought that a virus outbreak would create a worldwide toilet paper shortage? The search term for “toilet paper” drastically increased at the beginning of March, reaching an all-time peak in the middle of March and persists the same. However, based on the severe decrease of the term, it can be assumed that the panic over supermarket shortages has declined. Scraped data feeds from google search engine seamlessly.

COVID-19 Google Trends Analysis for the word 'entertainment'

Since March 11th, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, creating movements such as #StayHome and #SelfIsolation worldwide, inspiring people to stay safe at homes or to take responsibility if any time is spent outside. This has made people search for possibilities of different entertainment that can be done at home while being safe; therefore, a great peak of the term “puzzles” and “entertainment” increased. Positively people are reaching out for interesting activities that many might not have done in ages. Google trends scraper accumulates data from entertainment sites easily.

COVID-19 Google Trends Analysis for the word 'corona'

Not so long ago the only thing associated with the word “corona” was the Mexican made beer brand. However, the name of the virus comes from the Latin word “crown” due to the crown-like surface of the virus under an electron microscope. This has made the search term of “corona” reach an all-time peak at the beginning of March and still exists at 2021. Google trends scraper extracts data from the google search results seamlessly.

google trends scraper

Sadly, due to the virus outbreak and the title of the worldwide pandemic, countries on lock-down and borders closed, the search term for the most popular and used accommodations company “Airbnb” has experienced over 50 percent decrease since the end of March 2020.

COVID-19 Google Trends Analysis for the word ''

Similar to the term “Airbnb”, the “” term has experienced a drastic decrease in searches, the lowest ever at the end of March. From August to December, again, the term “” saw a slight increase as travel restrictions became less. But, the rate is not expected to increase above 70% over the next two years. Google trends scraper extracts data from the google search results seamlessly. Custom scraping makes data extraction seamless.

google trends scraper

Interestingly, the term “mask” during the coronavirus outbreak has experienced various increases and decreases through the ongoing pandemic, reaching the very peak very on the 4th of April 2020.

COVID-19 Google Trends Analysis for the word 'hand sanitiser'

As one of the most requested items during the virus outbreak, the google searches for “hand sanitizer” had its peak at the beginning of March, but gradually has decreased. Hoping that the ones searching for the term got what they were looking for. But, the search in the ecommerce platform continues still the same in 2021.

google trends scraper

Who said that you could not travel to your favorite or desired places? Everyone has to adapt to the pandemic situations and everything that comes with it, even many touristic places, theatres have adapted by creating possibilities for people to see what they offer from the comfort of their own homes; therefore, the term “virtual tour” drastically increased at the beginning of March, reaching the absolute high at the end of Dec 2020. However, without any significant decreases, the search for the term is very widely popular still.

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