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eCommerce Data API for Affiliate Marketing

May 24, 2019Category : Blog eCommerce and Retail
eCommerce Data API for Affiliate Marketing

While all the talking about scraping data is well and good, using it in business processes poses the main challenge. That is the reason we want to discuss how organisations are using our scraping services to increase their sales, increase website traffic while optimising their costs. Here are 7 ways in which our customers are using our eCommerce Product Data API, especially for Affiliate Marketing.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a boon for both sides of the table. While it helps increase sales for companies without spending a huge amount of money on advertising, affiliate marketing companies who help these online sellers receive a percentage of every sale. 

Clients are using our web scraping services to gather product details across the World Wide Web, to offer customers top discounts and best-suited products. The result, customers keep coming back and are using their portals to go on to buy products. Web scraping services also help these websites to crawl data on the fly when customers search for products that are not present in the cache memory or in the database.

2. Price Comparison Websites

With so many eCommerce sites, it is only natural that customers would try to find the best deal. The price comparison is even more important for customers when they are trying to buy a specific product model of a specific company; be it a mobile phone, or a second-hand car.

This is the reason why price comparison websites and even plug-ins have seen a huge growth in usage in recent times. Since most eCommerce websites do not have APIs to check prices of products, and more and more eCommerce sites get added to the list every month, most of our partners use our eCommerce Data API to check pricing data of products, on the go, while users search for items online.

3. Keeping Prices in Check

Scraping product prices are not just important for price comparison websites, but also for eCommerce companies, who want to make sure that their products are at competitive prices, compared to their rivals. This is why many eCommerce websites use our web scraping service to regularly crawl pricing data of top sold products, or most popular products, per category, so as to make sure that their website looks more appealing to users with the lowest prices on the top-sold products.

4. Product Information Gathering

Not every eCommerce website has its presence in multiple countries, nor is every eCommerce site trying to sell everything under the sun to its customers. Many of them operate only in a single country, and sometimes even in specific cities. Gathering product information for many of these niche companies becomes difficult. Manually gathering product data related to thousands of products can prove to be difficult, time-consuming, costly, and prone to errors when done using the help of manual-data gathering processes. 

That is why many of our smaller eCommerce partners who operate in a certain niche, use our eCommerce Product Data API in order to make sure that they have enough information in their product pages to look legitimate enough and also to draw in more customers.

5. Gathering Product Reviews

Prices and product details are one thing. They would give a picture of a product, as painted by the company. By scraping product reviews, companies are able to add details to their product detail page that would be impossible to add without actually using the item or holding the item in one’s own hand. 

In many eCommerce sites, there are also frequently asked questions and their answers in many product pages. These questions often pertain to product installation, product usage, product maintenance, and more. Scraping such information using our eCommerce Product Data API, and adding that to the product description page, often results in customers having a higher trust rating when using the website (of our partner eCommerce companies).

6. Scraping Images

Gathering images for products is another headache that eCommerce companies face on a day to day basis. Sometimes, even videos related to the usage or installation of products become very important, and showing these on the product description page becomes a must. Many companies use web scraping to gather these images and videos so as to enrich their product pages and provide a richer product-browsing experience to their users.

7. Capturing Top Selling Products

One might think that an eCommerce website that sells an item at a 15% margin would make more profit than another selling it at a 5% margin. In online retail, however, that is not the case. Often eCommerce sites lower their margins to sell more items and thus make a higher amount of profit overall.

Another popular tactic is to sell the most popular products at a very low margin (even at a loss in certain cases), and to increase the prices of the other products. This draws the larger crowd and the websites end up making a fortune. However, for all of this, scraping the top-selling products or the top searched products online become important data-points. These are easily available using some computation on the data extracted using our eCommerce Product Data API.


Web scrapers have become an important data-gathering tool for businesses in different industries, but one of the oldest industries and one that still uses it the most remains eCommerce to this date. Using web scraping services can have multiple benefits. On one hand, you do not have to spend the time or money to put together a new data scraping team, while on the other you could integrate a powerful tool to your business processes in a plug and play format.

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