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Real Estate Web Data and it’s uses

January 27, 2020Category : Blog

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by TarunReal Estate Web Data has always been a blend of intuition and common sense. Both buyers and investors are always on the lookout for the best property off which to make the most profit. But being slow in your approach would mean losing out to your competitors, which..

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How to Scrape Real Estate Listings from Trulia using Python

September 14, 2018Category : Blog

Last Updated on September 14, 2018 by Prithwi MondalTrulia is a website that set shop in 2005, initially with real-estate listings in California. It provides an overview of the home as well as the neighborhood to buyers as well as those looking to rent a home across the United States. They offer several features usually..

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Finding the Best Property Deals using Web Scraping

March 5, 2018Category : Blog

Last Updated on March 5, 2018 by Jacob KoshyProperty hunting has become a lot easier nowadays with the omnipresence of real estate listing portals which cut down the tedious task of finding a good broker or agency. Not only has this boosted the real estate market but is also helping investors and individuals looking for..

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How Big Data Can Help the Commercial Real Estate Space

March 20, 2017Category : Blog

Last Updated on March 20, 2017 by Jacob KoshyData analytics and Big Data have become the buzzwords in the service industries. When it comes to the real estate space, Big Data is transforming trends big time. Consumer behavior determines market forces in the real estate sector to a great extent. From identifying consumer choices to..

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