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Scrape Data from AutoTrader, AutoScout24 and Yahoo Auto

Web scraping is helping automotive industry in several different ways. It is enabling companies to dig up data from auto dealer database and gather insights on customers’ feedback and preferences to strategize marketing communications, improve the manufacturing efficiency and monitor their brand image and competition. The pioneers in this field are using the technology to shorten design cycle, reduce development cost, and design innovative models which are more sustainable and consistent. If you are an analytics firm catering to the automobile sector in particular, you can make use of web data extraction to derive insights by gathering and analyzing data from popular portals like AutoTrader, AutoScout24, AutoNation and Yahoo Auto.
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What can you do with the automobile data?

1. Customer reviews scraping for Automobile manufacturers: Listening to the customers is crucial for the success of any company nowadays. This will help the company identify the shortcomings of their products and to gather ideas that can be turned into a new feature or an entirely different product. Manufacturers can use this data to derive insights and use it in improving their products. Since sites like AutoTrader have reviews, criticism, complaints, and other user-generated content, scraping this data using a web scraping solution is the best way forward, if you’re looking to see things from your customers’ viewpoint.
2. Research and analytics firms: Research and analytics firms are always in need of data. Since the extensiveness and quality of research itself depends on the quantity of data at hand, a scalable solution needs to be employed in extracting such data from the web. The research and analytics done using web data can be useful to manufacturers, retailers, a component suppliers, leasing businesses and consumer portals.

Common data points

Trim Name
Body Type
Series Name
Monthly Payment
Bonus Cash
Term .

How is web data extracted?

Data available on the automobile websites can be extracted using a dedicated web scraping solution like PromptCloud. The technical processes behind data extraction include setting up the crawler, queueing, storage, deduplication and cleansing. Since our solution is fully managed, you only need to provide us with the necessary details of your requirement like the data points to be extracted from the sites, frequency of crawls, data delivery format and method. With our years of expertise in web data extraction and the robust infrastructure to support large scale crawls, you will get the data you need, the way you need it.

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