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These books cover web scraping, business growth tactics, and everything in between.

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These books cover web crawling, business growth tactics, and everything in between.

  • DataTales

    This is a collection of 30 byte-sized works of fiction related to data covering wide range of topics (from chatbots to cryptocoins).

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  • Web Scraping using Ruby

    This comprehensive guide takes you through the steps to extract data from a webpage using Ruby.

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  • Growth Hacks

    A comprehensive guide of twenty growth hacks that will help you grow your business.

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  • Template for Web Scraping Project Requirement

    This template will help you understand various factors of web scraping projects from sample content while saving time and resources.

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  • Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Proxy Service for your Web Scraper

    This book will help you understand proxy, its importance in web scraping, various proxy services, legal factors, their pros and cons.

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