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PromptCloud Inc, 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes De 19958, Delaware USA 19958

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For those who don’t remember how the old website looked, we could have been glad about it but we’d rather show the before-after difference. Here it is- one big blob of text versus structured information.

Old Website


What led to the revamp? 

  1. Design- The old website was designed when we were trying to pull our fingers out while launching PromptCloud. The work was simply outsourced without attending much to the aesthetics and we lived with the final deliverable for all these years.
  2. Literature- We realized that a lot of the literature on our old site was quite disconcerting to what we actually offer.
  3. Look and feel- Re-branding is important, especially during your growth phase. We are in the B2B space, dealing mostly with enterprises. The old look didn’t justify the sweat we have put into PromptCloud and where we are at today. The professionalism had to be out and spoken of.

What’s new?

Pretty much whole of it, including the content.

  1. Well-defined offerings which clearly state what we do
  2. Illustrative use cases that discuss the client requirements we have accomplished
  3. Comprehensively laid-out achievements
  4. Exposure to the team and the brand
  5. FAQ’s
  6. API Documentation
  7. Hosted sample data

It’s taken quite a bit of effort to bring our work to stage. We are open to your comments and suggestions, which will surely get discussed internally.

Among those who don’t belong to this domain,  the best feedback would be if you got a hang of what PromptCloud offers. Now that you feel the love, don’t hesitate to spread it. Please share the new website.

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