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Web Scraping for Training Data

Deploying web scraping to acquire training data for machine learning algorithms can be considered as an efficient solution. Machine learning training requires large amounts of relevant data and it’s not easy to find such curated datasets unless you extract it from relevant sources. Although you might be able to find some free sources, they are limited in quantity and aren’t comprehensive enough to pass as training data. Let’s see how web scraping can help you gather data for machine learning training.
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Machine learning training

Machine learning techniques are meant to equip machines with the ability to learn and develop by providing them with training data. The data used as training data could vary depending on individual cases. However, web data is ideal for training machine learning models for a wide range of use cases. With training data sets, machine learning models can be developed to do correlational tasks like classification, clustering, attribution etc. Since the performance of a machine learning model will depend on the quality of training data, it is important to crawl only high quality sources.

Why web scraping for training data

When it comes to aggregating relevant data at scale, web scraping comes out as the best route forward. This is because of the capability it provides to efficiently extract large amounts of data from targeted sources. Speed of extraction is also another key differentiator in this context.

How web scraping for training data works

While going with a dedicated web scraping provider like PromptCloud, you can skip the challenges and technical complexities involved in web data extraction. Here is how a dedicated web scraping service works:

You reach out to us with the your requirement specifics including:

  • Sites you are looking to crawl
  • Fields to be extracted
  • Frequency of crawling

Once we receive the requirements, our team will setup the crawlers to extract the data from the target sites. You have the flexibility of choosing the data delivery format and method. Being a fully customizable solution, we can provide the data in CSV, JSON or XML and via Amazon S3, Dropbox, Box, FTP and PromptCloud API.

Benefits of choosing PromptCloud’s web scraping service for training data

  • All aspects of the service are fully managed
  • Prompt customer support
  • Fully customizable solution
  • Monitoring to detect target website changes
  • Robust infrastructure that can handle websites of any complexity
  • Ready-to-use clean and structured data
Reach out to us if you are looking for training datasets to be extracted from the web. If you are instead looking for pre-crawled datasets for training your machine learning system, you can check out DataStock.
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