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Is Content Aggregator the Future of the Media Industry?

Jimna Jayan
Content Aggregator media industry

Content of the New Age Imagine it’s 1995. Your parents have just got back from work, your dad drops onto the sofa, and unfolds a newspaper. Historically, our news only came from a handful of sources. The TV, newspapers, industry-specific magazines, word of mouth, and so on. Content aggregator is the future! Now let’s fast-forward […]

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Web Scraping IMDB for The Best Movies and Shows

Abhisek Roy
Abhisek Roy

Would you like to know what are the top-250 movies of all time? Or the best comedy shows that have ever hit the small screens? For all such answers, reviews, ratings, and trivia related to the world of movies and shows, people all over the world use IMDB, which is an online database of such […]

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News Aggregators Using Web Scraping to Power News Reporting

Janet Williams

News Aggregation is about compiling news articles from different websites and forums together in a single database. While this has been happening for quite some time now, News Aggregators have started using different strategies like showing related news when you are viewing one, or customizing your news feed based on your past usage. But the […]

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