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For any business in the modern world, having a captivating and authoritative online presence is of paramount importance. Business markets have become ultra-competitive, and to have a competitive edge over other companies that provide similar services, you need to establish a commanding online presence. This online presence needs to provide more volume and authority of information, better services, better prices and exhaustive insight about the chosen domain.

Crawl Real Estate listings

Like every other domain of business, the domain of real estate is also extremely competitive. There are literally hundreds of real estate companies in every region, each vying for a sizeable slice of the real estate market pie. To make sure that your real estate business stands out head and shoulders above the rest of your competition, the one thing that you need is superior quality and quantity of information.

What data influences the Real Estate Field?

For a real estate business, relevant information comes in the form of real estate listings, details of plots and buildings, buyer and seller profiles and detailed information about real estate agents. To ensure good quality and quantity of information, you need a large database of these in your real estate website. Not only do these present high quality, actionable data to your customers, these also help you as a company to make smarter, informed decision to take your business to the direction you want.

To ensure that you have a large volume of credible and authentic real estate data which you can use to boost your business, real estate data extraction is an avenue you can explore to reap immense benefits. Using a third-party service to crawl real estate listings from websites, classifieds and other places on the internet puts you in a position where you can command a large, useful data pool that you can utilize to provide high performance real estate services and solutions for the benefit of your clients.

Web Scraping in the field of Real Estate

In essence, web scraping is a process through which particular websites are crawled or scraped and important information extracted from them according to pre-defined parameters. This information is then formatted and stored in a database for later business use. Web scraping can be a useful tool in the right hands, and its efficacy and benefits for the real estate market cannot be ignored.

Real Estate fields to be extracted

For your real estate company, scraping real estate websites can be an invaluable means to find relevant, actionable information which finds practical usability in most of the day-to-day operations of your company. When you crawl real estate data, you execute the below strategies

  • tap into a vast wealth of information that is present on the internet,
  • gather that information in a structured and streamlined way,
  • store it in a database for easy retrieval and future use.

For the real estate market, you can configure your scraping efforts to deliver you information based on various parameters like type of property, location, size, amenities, property developer name and price. Even those data points which are located in hard to find areas of the internet can easily be scraped, giving you access to a large information pool that can be the difference maker for your company.

Web Scraping Services for Real Estate

We, for instance, provide premium web scraping services for the real estate domain. For your company, it is always better to outsource web scraping projects as the cost and effort required to maintain an in-house team for scraping can prove to be prohibitive. Also, teams that provide web scraping services comprise of seasoned, skilled individuals who are deeply insightful about the nuances of effective scraping, and can provide you with better and more cost-effective performance. Keeping these factors in mind, you can outsource your web scraping work to a credible and experienced data services provider. It is sure to be a rewarding investment and one that can prove beneficial for your business in the long run.

Features and Advantages

Real estate data extraction can be accomplished through a variety of different scraping techniques, and has tremendous advantage for your company. It is a great way to ensure clarity, depth and comprehensiveness of information for your website and catalogues and to maintain a competitive edge over your rivals.

Here are a few important features and advantages of web scraping for real estate that you can consider before making a decision –

  • Real estate web scraping tools can be configured to automatically discover and crawl real estate websites. The initial configuration allows you to set data parameters like city, state, zip code, selling price, rent price, address, agent name, company name, property size and characteristics. Based on these parameters, listings can be saved to database with normalized fields for easier access and search capabilities. Pick the fields for extracting data from real estate listings
  • You can then search the database for specific listings using the same parameters, or use the entire database for your needs.
  • For ease of use and integration into your existing database environment, web scraping companies allow you a number of different options of file formats when you are saving your data. You can choose from among popular database options like FTP or AWS or other file types like CSV, XML and text files.
  • Pictures are of great importance in the real estate market, with many online buyers making purchasing decisions based on the quality of pictures attached with property listings. You can customize web scraping tools to automatically scan and download image files accompanying specific listings for more impact.
  • There might be areas on the internet which are difficult to reach and tap into. Some real estate websites also employ some kind of safeguard against scraping. With a high quality web scraping service, you can get thorough and exhaustive scraping with features like setting up multiple proxies for scraping difficult websites and custom delay times between crawl requests.

Scraping Apartment and Property Listings

The success of your business more or less depends on the quality and volume of good real estate listings you have on your website. Buying lists is no longer a viable method as you end up with outdated information, and do not get updates when anything changes. Apartment and property listings gathered from scraping are a great way to stay current and updated, as you can be notified in real time whenever there is any change or update in a particular listing. When listings get removed, you also get to know instantly, and can make relevant changes in your website.

While looking to purchase property, prospective buyers generally look for large amounts of information about probable purchases. This might include location information, information about specific plots or properties, price information, information about agents and features and images of a property. For each listing, you need at least the minimum amount of information that can convince a prospective buyer about making a purchase. For this reason, scraping apartment and property listings can provide great help.

Scraping Agent Information

Another great component to web scraping efforts for real estate is it allows you to extract agent details from the internet. Having an exhaustive list of real estate agents on your website, replete with updated and current information, can really turn the tide for your business. Through scraping, you can leverage various resources like agent websites, directories, discussion forums, communities and agent profiles to gather a large mass of details about real estate agents. Data thus acquired can be further substantiated by scraping relevant social and business networks and onboarding.

Scrape Agent Information

You have the tremendous opportunity of giving your customers a large array of choice regarding agent profiles, locations, charges and reputation when it comes to selecting a real estate agent for their needs. This can provide your business with an edge and help you surmount your competition. Similarly, you can acquire a database of land agents, brokers, value assessment professionals and legal teams connected to the real estate market and put them all on your website, entirely through your web scraping exploits. The sheer volume of information you put out is sure to please your customer base, and bring in new business and revenue.

To Sign Off

To sum up, web scraping is a crucial and immensely beneficial exercise in the real estate business. It helps you build the kind of data bank that is the hallmark of a thriving, flourishing real estate company. It also helps you build up the requisite authoritativeness and conviction that one usually expects from real estate establishments about your services and offerings.

Keeping in mind that the domain is rife with competition of different kinds, web scraping is one sure way for you to distinguish your business and take things to the next level. It also paves the way for imparting better, more organic and current information to your customers, winning their trust in return. With a happy, satisfied and growing customer base, you can be sure that your business flourishes and shows expected returns. Hiring a reputed web scraping service provider may be the best business investment decision you ever take in your real estate business.

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