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To claim success in today’s challenging market conditions, it is crucial to understand your prospects, customers, and industry. Using social media to promote and monitor your brand helps you discover new opportunities, uncover pain points, and take revenue-enhancing business decisions. Marketers are extensively using social media channels for this purpose. Result, many brand monitoring tools are available in the market today.

Twitter brand monitoring

Social Media Impact on Corporate Fortunes

It is simply not enough to be active on social media. You also need to have a handle on what is the buzz going on around your brand. Who can forget the (in)famous crisis faced by baby care products leader Johnson & Johnson in 2016? After it was ordered by a Missouri court to pay $72 million in damages over the death caused by prolonged usage of their baby care talc. After honoring the court order, it realized that a lot of negative sentiment was building up on social media with this court ruling. It took to Facebook for immediate damage control and put a post that family safety and health were their top-most priority.

This denotes the seriousness with which companies are viewing the impact of social media on their corporate fortunes. This makes brand monitoring all the more important and vital to your growth objectives. All over the Twitter world, there might be multiple conversations going on around your brand. All these bits of information need to be made available to the decision-maker in real-time. This will help them know the voice of the customer, be aware of the trends, and act to maintain positive vibes around the brand.

There are many tools out there that can be used to monitor Twitter for the tweets and conversations that matter to your brand. Brand monitoring on social media is crucial to building associations with consumers and protecting your brand’s reputation. Creating an upbeat buzz about the brand through social media and promptly reacting to the prospects is the key to gain success. Some of the ways in which brand monitoring helps include:

  • a. Integrate social intelligence into routine operations for better efficacy
  • b. Amplify the voice of the customer to the company’s benefit
  • c. Record interactions of customers with the brand
  • d. Improve revenues in specific markets
  • e. Personalize your offerings to influencers who can sway community sentiments

Why Twitter for Brand Monitoring

Twitter is an imperative social media platform for most organizations, notwithstanding current competition from other social networks. By utilizing some effective monitoring tools, organizations can get the most out of Twitter.

Various researches show that about one-third of Twitter users talk about brands in their tweets. However, it is not so easy to track who is talking about your brand all the time. Luckily, with some tools, it is quite easy to watch who is talking what about your brand. By utilizing the right tools on your Twitter account, you can save time and efforts and generate positive vibes that resonate goodwill and trustworthiness of your brand among the social media audience on Twitter.

Organizations can monitor keywords, brand, and services and obtain thorough results on what is being said, when, and by whom through right tools and search options. Below are some options of monitoring tools that allow you to respond to your potentials without any delay.


It is a free tool equipped with amazing search features such as auto-updates, scanning keywords and more. The app from Yahoo that runs on Adobe AIR helps in tracking tweets through an app on the basis of some specific keywords or topics. The real-time mentions of brand name, keywords or company names is what you need to keep a firm control on what anybody is posting or commenting on. This, in turn, lets you take appropriate actions in order to maintain strong and positive visibility of your brand on Twitter.


Brand monitoring is possible by tracking key phrases related to your brand, organizations, and offerings. SocialMention aids you in searching for key phrases on Twitter. It puts widgets of notified searches on the website and creates regular searches. A user can set up many keywords but can only search for one key phrase at a time. It is not just about highlighting key phrases, it can do a lot more than that. It helps in tracking the thoughts of users, hashtags, keywords, and more.


You can monitor real-time conversations through PeopleBrowsr. This application allows you to search for bios and tweets by location, link, etc. Featured with excellent characteristics, it helps you to keep track of your brand with ease. Tweets can be negative or positive. PeopleBrowsr categorizes them smartly. It is a modern tool for users who are quite serious about brand monitoring.


Monniter is a widely appreciated and top-notch brand monitoring tool that helps in Twitter scraping and tracking real-time conversations. It makes the search crisp, clear, and quick by geo-location. You can set up multiple inquiries and check them with ease. What’s more? It enables the users to monitor each line with additional pause features. Remember, saved searches are not included in this app. Nevertheless, users can put a keyword monitoring widget on the website. This is the best tool to observe a live Twitter search.


Isn’t it great to get alerts through email? Twilerts is a wonderful application that helps in Social media scraping through regular email alerts. Setting up this application enables you to receive email alerts containing your brand name, service, or product. It notifies you about the tweets containing relevant keywords selected by you. You can create an account through Gmail or Twitter.


It has an excellent control panel that helps in tracking keywords on social media. It makes the searches more efficient by aggregating your searches into one data stream. It helps in managing various social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and many more. SproutSocial is a paid web-based application that is available in multiple versions. The users need to purchase a business version to access all the features and track the followers according to the locations.


SocialOomph is a paid tool that helps users to study relevant tweets. It sends emails about tweets. The selection of messages is done on the basis of keywords. If you want brand monitoring with a few keywords, try the free version. Else, buy a paid service. You will get a lot of advanced features to follow people on social media with the paid version of SocialOomph.


Do you want to get back to your followers promptly? If yes, then this brand monitoring tool is designed for you. It enables you to track tweets and conversations without delay and you can receive emails on a daily basis. You just need an email account to avail this service. If users talk about your website or mention URL anywhere, it will send notifications on an hourly basis. You can select about 10 key phrases in the free version and to get more keywords, you can buy a paid and upgraded version of TweetBeep.


When you would like to track many keywords for your business, TweetAlarm comes handy. It helps in tracking many keywords of your choice and helps you notice Twitter key phrases whenever required. Depending upon your needs, you can get the notifications on a daily or weekly basis. It is a good pick for data extraction and gathering tweets about your brand.


Twitter itself offers a range of free brand monitoring and search tools to the users. The future-ready tools help you to follow mentions about your company or industry. If you need things to be kept hassle-free and organized, then Twitter’s inbuilt range of brand monitoring tools is what you require. Through Twitter list, you can keep the data managed. It is loaded with various handy features and search options. You can track negative conversations, questions, and comments. It also offers third party integration with applications like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck.


It is quite clear that brand monitoring through social media is a powerful tool for engaging your potential customers on social media network. Every organization, from a startup to well-established company, should go for brand monitoring. It helps you to track what your prospects are expecting and maintaining strong relationships with them according to their interests and needs. Monitoring thoughts, conversations and comments of supporters will help you to take crucial business decisions confidently. Choosing a brand monitoring tool is quite easy as a lot of options are available online. Some tools pay heed to analytics, while some others focus on exploring and managing content. 

If your requirements are advanced and need a robust system to track your brand across various social media sites together with forums and blogs, it is recommended to take this to a dedicated web scraping service provider who can cover everything together.

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