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Social Media

Connecting with people globally through social networks and blogs has become an integral part of every business enterprise’s marketing strategy and it is gaining acceptance at an increasing pace. According to the latest research on Social Media by Nielsen, Social media has managed to move ahead of email as the most popular online activity. Nearly, two-thirds of the world’s population is visiting social networking and blogging sites. The research shows that people are spending nearly 10 percent of all the time spent on the Internet, using the social networking, blogging, and microblogging websites. These statistics suggest that Social Networking and blogging sites have become an integral part of the global online experience.

Customer Sentiment Analysis through Social Media

Massive volume of data is being generated on social networking websites including Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and others. This data is being used to understand people in roles such as users or customers with varying levels of awareness and predict their behaviour. Behaviour analysis has been an active area of research in recent years. Different analytic techniques are being used to create user profiles with information such as users’ home location, gender, age, regional origin, expertise, location preferences, enterprise preferences, and others as well. Social Media Data Providers are using web crawlers and data extraction services for extracting precise information on the basis of targeted keywords, profiles, groups and interests to name a few.

Sentiment Analysis or Opinion Mining

Sentiment Analysis or Opinion Mining technique is being used to measure the contextual polarity of a tweet, Facebook post and other posts as well. It helps in determining whether a particular piece of text is positive, negative or neutral. Several companies are using Sentiment Analysis to track their products, services, and their reputation amongst public. Researchers are extracting Twitter Data for Sentiment Analysis to derive the opinion of community at large about a particular topic. Tweets are being analyzed for determining sentiment on different levels. These tweets, blogs, and other posts are providing the relevant insights for carrying out market research. Sentiment Analysis can be used to determine sentiment on a variety of levels. Twitter Sentiment analysis can be identified as positive, negative or neutrally polar, revealing transformation in the public mood at large. To analyze a sentiment, Data scientists and similar professionals need to analyze the tone of conversations with the help of social media monitoring and web crawling services.

Crawling and Scraping Social Media Websites

Scraping Social Media websites is helping in the study of individuals, groups, organizations and the behavior of individuals while they select and purchase any products. Today, every brand needs to recognize demographic factors such as age and gender when assessing consumers’ social behavior online. Several companies are focusing on behavioral targeting techniques to offer the right purchasing option based on their users’ online behavior. This information helps in improving the profitability of e-commerce websites or business applications. Based on the study of past behavior, businesses can now offer solutions to many recurring problems in the past.

Collecting user reviews from multiple websites

Crawling Social media with an objective of extracting relevant information help businesses to gain insights important for competitive analysis. Customizable crawling along with indexing and browsing of social media content helps in gaining feedback, product or service reviews, complaints, brand monitoring, brand analysis and so on. Innovative methods and technologies are being used to analyze the user-generated data on different social networking websites. IT helps in gauging the overall sentiment of the community at large towards a particular brand. Scraping customer feedbacks and reviews on different social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and others is a tedious task as these websites have complex structures. Prompt Cloud team possesses such expertise to provide you with desired data using efficient processes and tools, in the quickest possible turnaround time agreed upon. Not just existing customers, social media monitoring can also help identify potential customers and help engage with them, leading to higher conversion rate by nurturing their interest in the company’s products or services.

Brand Monitoring

Brand Monitoring is the key to building association with customers and positioning your brand in the era of cut-throat competition. Tracking your competitors and collecting competitive intelligence helps you a great deal in building your business strategy. It helps in analyzing your brand online by tracking feedbacks about your brand. It is known as Social Media Listening and helps you identify key trends and issues regarding the industry and competition. Identifying the key influencers about your brand can help you make a noticeable impact online.

Social Media Monitoring is an important aspect of Brand Monitoring. It holds great significance in escalating Brand Awareness and Brand Recall via social media realm. Knowing your customer’s reaction online helps in guarding the company’s reputation and living up to the promises of your product/service as well.


Today, we have some robust tools and well-devised techniques that help in collecting and tracking tweets and other posts about your brand across the internet. This helps in gaining an in-depth knowledge about threats to your business as well as the arising business opportunities. These social media monitoring tools offer you services in real-time, allowing companies to improve, discover, and reinvent to retain or add customers. These cutting-edge technology tools possess crawlers that search the web for conversations about your brand from major social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and a few others.

Understanding user behavior by connecting with social media is significant for a plethora of reasons. The study of user behavior enables in evaluation of existing systems and may lead to better website design and customer-engagement methods. It is vital for every business to listen to its customers or users. Eventually, a name becomes a brand when it builds its strategy along the public sentiment of the very people it is targeting.


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