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Why Our Customers Love Us

February 6, 2017Category : Blog

As a DaaS provider, extracting high quality data from the web for large-scale business requirements has always been our primary focus. Over time, we have equipped ourselves with state of the art technology stack and a high-performance infrastructure that can facilitate this with high efficiency. The extensive reach and versatility of our crawling system is something that keeps our clients happy. We’d like to share with you some of our unique value propositions that make enterprises choose us and build long-term partnership with us. (Some have been with us for more than five years).[spacer height=”10px”]

Our Customers Love us

Highly scalable

[spacer height=”10px”]Big data gets better with its size. The bigger the size of your data sets, the higher your advantage. However, extracting such huge quantities of data requires a robust setup. This is something that sets us apart in the big data game. Our web crawling infrastructure boasts high scalability owing to the dynamic and flexible tools we have integrated along with distributed machines that make complex tasks run smoothly. Since scale is one of the biggest concerns for most of our enterprise clients, scalability gives us a fair edge in the game.[spacer height=”10px”]

Vertical agnostic

[spacer height=”10px”]As expected from a large scale DaaS provider, our solution is vertical agnostic. It doesn’t matter what industry or domain you need data from, our solution can cater to it all the same. There are several crawling solutions out there that have developed systems that perform well in a particular domain only. The problem with going with such a provider is the chances of getting skewed data. Skewed data refers to the lack of comprehensives resulting from vertical specific data extraction. However, with our vertical agnostic approach, you get data from any industry vertical with the exact attention to detail that you require.[spacer height=”10px”]

Fully customizable

[spacer height=”10px”]Customization is one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to large scale web data extraction. Many solutions out there aren’t flexible enough to be adapted to the ever-changing data requirements of organizations. For example, if you were to have a data requirement where one of your inputs keeps changing, we can setup a custom system to fetch your dynamic requirement to be taken in real time to control the crawls. One example would be when you want to get data for different date ranges. You could update the date ranges on your FTP server and we would perform the crawl by fetching it in real time. Simply put, our tech stack can be customized to your requirement irrespective of its complexity.[spacer height=”10px”]

Prompt support

[spacer height=”10px”]We understand that a prompt and responsive support is essential when something as technically complex as web crawling is the service in question. At PromptCloud, we have dedicated project managers for every client project that we embark upon. Besides having a user-friendly ticketing system where clients can create quick support tickets, they also get to interact directly with the technical team members responsible for doing all the heavy lifting. This eliminates communication gap to a great extent and helps solve issues within record time. [spacer height=”10px”]

Low latency

[spacer height=”10px”]A lot of projects that we undertake requires data with the lowest latency possible. Latency here refers to the time required to fetch new data that was updated in the target site from the time it was updated. This becomes a deal breaker when your data needs are time sensitive. A good example for this is pricing intelligence. If you’re running an E-commerce portal and using a web crawling solution to get competitor’s pricing structure, you would want this in minimum latency to be effective enough. Our high-performance machines and the optimal crawling guidelines together make sure that the crawls run smoothly, without any bottlenecks or slowdowns in the lowest achievable latency for a crawler.[spacer height=”10px”]


[spacer height=”10px”]Maintenance or upkeep is an essential part of any web crawling project. This is extremely important as the web is highly dynamic in nature. A crawling setup that works today could fail tomorrow even if the target site makes a seemingly small change. This is why we take pride in upkeep as one of our notable advantages. We use dedicated monitoring systems that can track changes in the target sites and send out alerts to notify our tech team to take prompt action. This significantly eliminates the possibility of data loss in the event of something going wrong with the crawls.[spacer height=”10px”]

Planning to crawl in-house?

[spacer height=”10px”]We’ve recently noticed a growing desire in some organizations to take up the difficult road of in-house crawling. There are several reasons why this is a bad idea. For one, in-house crawling would cost you more in the form of hiring expense, infrastructure, maintenance and time. The real deal breaker is however the loss of focus that would affect your core business activities. This is because web crawling is a niche process that demands close attention, time and lots of effort. To give you a better perspective, here are the cost points associated with having an in-house crawling setup.

  • Salary of Engineers
  • Cost of hardware resources
  • Maintenance cost
  • Time


You can use our ROI calculator to compare between in-house crawling and our solution.[spacer height=”10px”]

Why choose PromptCloud?

[spacer height=”10px”]You don’t have to take our word on why you should choose our DaaS solution for your web data extraction requirements. We have had several clients who tried in-house crawling in an attempt to cut the costs or availed the services of other providers before reaching out to us. The experiences shared by them reinforces our confidence in our own solution as one of the best ways to acquire data from the web. Here are some snippets from the conversations we had with our clients.

“Other providers that we tried couldn’t handle the complexity of the target site and some important fields were missing.” – Hichem Fadali

“I have gotten sample CSVs from many of your competitors, and they were extremely poor.” – Daniel Sides

“On our own, we have tried to crawl this material ourselves. But we find that our efforts are too time-consuming given the large number of resumes, and the computational requirements for speeding up the process is quite challenging.  – Robin Quek[spacer height=”10px”]

Bottom line

[spacer height=”10px”]At PromptCloud, we believe in the power of Big data as a business accelerator and understand why our clients reach out to us. This is why we built a system to cater to large scale requirements that can vary a lot and demand high level of customization. If you are looking for a web data extraction solution that doesn’t disappoint, it’s time to reach out to us. Web scraping service cta

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