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ROI Calculator

Staying atop the competition is a vital thing for the survival and growth of businesses these days. Ever since big data came into the picture, web scraping has become something businesses from every industry has to invest in. If your company is not in a technically advanced industry, web scraping could even be a nightmare to start with. Wondering if going with in-house web scraping is right for you? In house or outsourcing, in the end it’s all about the returns on investment.

ROI Calculator

Considering the numerous factors that determine how much web scraping can cost you, it’s not easy to calculate the ROI on your in-house web scraping.

In house web scraping is certainly a challenging process.

If you plan on going down this way, here is a brief list of prerequisites.


Technically skilled labour is an essential requirement for web scraping. Since, web scraping techniques are complicated, it needs good programming skills to write, run and maintain the scraping bots. The cost of labour can be one of the drawbacks with doing in house web scraping.

Hardware Resources

Web scraping is a resource hungry process which requires high end servers and lots of bandwidth. Without the adequate resources, you might end up losing important data. The cost of quality servers could easily make you want to reconsider doing web scraping on your own. Not to mention the doubling up of these resources in order to keep the data intact, espcially if you’re looking at large scale.

Maintainability and upkeep of your tech stack

Once you have your servers and other technical components setup, the real deal only starts. You have to ensure availability of your servers, data backups, restoring previous states, failovers, among many other complications associated with managing servers and fixing them up when something goes wrong. You need to allocate resources (both people and hardware) to take care of the above.


Time is something that we cannot really include in the equation when it comes to calculating the returns. But it is definitely a factor that defines if web scraping in house is worth it. Although web scraping is the fastest way to acquire data, the initial setup and maintenance are time consuming and complicated. This could easily lead to conflicts when you have to distribute your time between web scraping and other business activities that are crucial for your company.

Try the ROI Calculator

We came up with an ROI calculator to easily calculate your returns on investment with our web scraping services. Using this, you could easily compare the cost of in house web scraping with PromptCloud’s dedicated web scraping services. Find out how much you can save by going the PromptCloud way.

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