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amazon keyword optimization

Amazon keyword optimization becomes a hot topic anywhere there is search involved. When it comes to E-commerce product listings, things are not very different. The words associated with your product become a crucial factor of how discoverable it is in the internal search of the E-commerce website as well as the popular search engines like google. Most E-commerce sellers overlook the importance of keywords while drafting their product pages. Doing a proper keyword research and optimising the product listings for the relevant keywords can significantly improve your sales figures. Here are some tips to outrank your competitors in E-commerce sales.

amazon keyword optimization

Find Competitor Keywords

One of the easiest ways to identify the keywords you should be focusing on is to look at similar product listings on other ecommerce sites. You should start this by being in the shoes of your customer. Think about what your prospective customer would type in the search bar to find products like yours. Key this into the google search bar and click on the product listings that rank high for these keywords.

The pages that rank on the first page of Google for these keywords are the ones that can give you keyword inspiration. To start with, you can check the product title and description. A well optimised product title and description improve the chances of ranking higher.

Here is an example page on Amazon for JBL wireless headphones.

amazon keyword ranking

To find the exact keywords a page is trying to rank for, you can check the meta keywords of the page. To do this, right click on an empty area and select ‘View page source’. Once you are in the source code, use ‘Ctrl+F’ and type in ‘Keywords’. This will highlight the meta keywords tag, which will have a list of keywords that the page is targeting. You can now make a note of these keywords that you just discovered. This can be repeated every time you come across a similar product on an e-commerce site.

how to rank amazon keywords

Keyword Research

Keyword research is something you should master if you are serious about ranking your product pages on the search engines. Google has their own keyword research tool called ‘Google Keyword Planner’ meant for Adwords publishers which you can use for free. This is a great way to expand your keyword library with new and useful keywords.

To get started, get yourself an Adwords account and paste your landing page URL in the keyword research tool. Google will give you the relevant keyword suggestions that you can use to optimise your page. All you need to do is log into/create an Adwords account, put in the landing page of the product you want to see, and look at all the different suggestions Google gives you.

Here are the keyword ideas suggested by google for our JBL headphones.

how to rank amazon keywords

Now that you have a huge list of keywords recommended by Google to optimise your product pages, it’s time to go ahead and use the suitable ones to improve your ranking on search engines as well as Amazon keyword optimization for internal search. Since keywords are the key to building product landing pages that perform well in terms of sales, it’s important to identify and target the relevant ones. Without keyword optimisation, your product pages could be buried inside, making it difficult for the potential buyers to discover them.

Pricing Intelligence

Amazon keyword optimization can help your product pages rank higher than the competitors. But this alone won’t help you make more sales in the price-driven E-commerce war. E-commerce websites are competing with each other to offer customers competitive prices, which means you have to be selling at a slightly lower price than your competitors to make more sales. This is where pricing intelligence comes into the picture. E-commerce companies, as well as sellers in these portals, are making use of web scraping for price monitoring. With web scraping, it is possible to get near real-time pricing data from the competitors’ sites, which can be used to automatically set a lower price structure for your catalogue. This can help you make more sales, as buying decisions tend to get affected by even the slightest difference in price.

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