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Ever been to an electronics or appliance store looking at the Wattage Label, EnergyGuide label and trying to figure out which one will be the most energy-efficient product and Energy-saving Decisions in the long term? 

Well, Enervee has developed an online commerce platform that provides a personal recommendation for purchasing appliances and electronic devices based on energy efficiency, energy cost and popularity by leveraging energy-smart data. The real-time comparison of products requires continuous data compilation from various sources and analysis to arrive at the lifetime operating cost, along with an energy efficiency score (0 to 100).

It has been close to four years since PromptCloud started working with Enervee to help them with their web data acquisition requirements. We recently caught up with Guy Champniss, VP, Insight & Outreach at Enervee Corporation to gain a better understanding of their solutions.

Q1: Please give a brief introduction of Enervee and explain the offerings to our readers. How has the journey been so far?

Enervee is committed to nudging the world to shop efficiently. We’re committed to getting all of us to buy more energy-efficient products and appliances for our homes. We recognise that this single, onetime intervention can save tremendous amounts of energy and money. Just by buying a better product, you are saving energy and money every moment you then use that product. Enervee does this by combining data science, behavioural science and digital marketing, to make the experience as seamless and easy for consumers as is possible.

Q 2: How does the Enervee Marketplace add value to businesses?

Through our platforms and the data that power them, utilities, telcos, retailers are able to offer their customers a unique and valuable step in the purchasing journey Understanding not just the purchase price of an appliance, but the tailored, personalised total running costs. With this information, consumers can then continue on to buy from their favourite retailers.

Q 3: How does the Enervee Decision Engine work?

The Enervee Decision Engine is at the heart of the business. We analyse the 1000s of products across multiple categories in order to understand the relative energy efficiency of every product. The Enervee Decision Engine then creates the 0-100 Enervee Score, which makes it easy for consumers to immediately see the relative energy benefits of each product. The Enervee Decision Engine also processes more than half a million product offers daily (in the US alone) to make sure consumers have not just the energy efficiency information, but the most up to date pricing from all of their favourite retailers.

Q  4: How do you affect the decision-making processes of customers who are inclined towards energy?

Enervee gives the consumer a crucial set of data points – relative energy efficiency and what this means for your personalised projection of what it will cost to run the product – right at the moment they’re in the market and about to decide.

Q 5: From a technology standpoint, what are Enervee’s goals this year?

We are rolling out a major upgrade of our platform, Marketplace, which brings with it a string of new features and capabilities. We are also building out the network of our retailer network widget, Charge, which means energy-efficient choices to retailers across the US and Europe.

Q 6: What according to you would be the state of utility by 2020? What’s your take on IoT-powered smart appliances with respect to energy?

Utilities are going through major change at the moment–decentralised power generation and distribution, the rise of solar and electric vehicle adoption, challenges to consumer engagement levels, increased government intervention regarding energy saving and innovative new entrants delivering services directly to consumers. This causes considerable stress within such a normally stable industry. 

There is also the issue of who will own the relationship with the customer, ultimately–smart meter providers, IoT appliances, disaggregated data services and major tech companies are all vying to own that relationship. By 2020, utilities will either have gone through a considerable transformation in terms of customer experience, or they will have been reduced to ‘simply’ providing the pipes for the system.

 In many ways, there are clear comparisons with the telco industry over the last few years–which is ironic, as telcos are now moving into being key actors in the delivery of IoT and connected home services.

Q 7: What prompted you to choose PromptCloud? How did PromptCloud solve your business problem with the web scraping services?

PromptCloud provides an excellent quality service at highly competitive pricing for those data projects that sit outside our internal engineering schema. The pricing and quality of service allow our engineers to concentrate on the projects closer to the core of the business, with the security of knowing PromptCloud is servicing these other projects with the same level of rigour and precision we’d expect from our core team.

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