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What are we in this age of Internet of things (IoT)? How does the rest of the smart civilization perceive us now where everything is trying to go digitally smart overnight? Admittedly, in this new, iot driven society, every human being is nothing but a cyclic digital pattern generated by all the iot smart devices that surround our daily lives.

Like everything, advertising world is also evolving and the modern advertising agencies are pushing themselves hard enough to restructure the conventional ways of advertising into a new height where internet of things are in the focus of their interest. Definitely, for the advertising ecosystem, iot is synonymous with new possibilities, and it’s the same for the consumers.

Let’s dig a bit deep.

One of the perpetual truth of this advertising art is that it always looks for new ways to reach its target market. Here, the medium through which it happens is the key. Well-known media gurus are already preaching about the fact that the future of smart advertising is all about media mining and a bunch of startups have already taken the oath to make it a reality.

Over the last half-decade, where most of the existing advertising channels are showing a downfall – ok, not that steep – iot ecosystem is expecting to double consumer utilization each year. So, what are the probable reasons behind this meteoric rise of IOT?

Wearables! A new level of access!

Undeniably, smart wearables are the new smart holes using which advertisers can crawl into our daily lives at a higher penetration level in comparison with the existing ones. Now, if we consider the fact that we are getting more addicted to the guardianship of our smart devices, then we will have to accept the truth that the rest of the smart world is not unaware of this fact. We bet advertising falls in this category of the ‘smart world’ and IoT devices are their new interest.

All smart devices that surround us are measuring our every step and generating a digital pattern of our personal interests and our activities. If we scale up this single incident for the millions of people who love to get lashed from their smart medicine containers for not taking their morning pill within time, then we will be able to see the clear picture.

So, what’s the outcome of this?

Admittedly, this situation is the seedbed of the future advertising, which will mother new ad platforms and these new ad platforms will be combat ready to harness the potential of the Iot ecosystem.

Timing and Relevancy:

Ad strategies? Targeted consumer chunk? Insights on the ads viewed by desired consumers? These are essentially valid questions for the advertisers. Right?

Thankfully, we can encase all these advertising attributes within a single Pandora’s box. Namely, timing and relevancy and web-connected devices can act as the best delivery agency out there in the market. The idea? Advertisers will get to know when you buy your daily groceries, when you last perspired at the gym with your fitness trackers, and when your TV is on at your smart home, providing instant information that will surely help them design the best ad strategies, especially relevant for targeting consumers interested in fitness gyms. This instant information will surely help them to design the best ad strategies.

Accordance in Business Verticals?

Yup. This is what it looks like.

It can be understood more accurately with ‘consumer insights’. Big manes like General Motors and Jhon Walkers are integrating their design strategies with tech giants like Qualcomm and OpenSense for integrating future technologies within their products as this collaboration is needed to push their products to the cutting edge of the future technology.

Where GM is trying to integrate a full-fledged 4G technology within their cars, there, Jhon Walkers is trying to convert their ‘Blue Level’ Whiskey bottles into smart bottles by using a thin electronic sensor as their label which can tell them whether their bottles are still in the supply chain or it just has been opened. So, ideas are plenty and they are awesome.

Coveted Brands, smart product manufacturers are going for this accordance to stay relevant and strong as at the end of the day, it’s the efficiency and aesthetics of their products which matter to them. Statistically, close to 30% of the major enterprises explore the world of IOT and they use this continuous stream of complex data generated by the IoT devices in their marketing campaigns. They believe they will be able to yield a better and a quantifiable return on their informed investments.

Lastly, IoT and the future of smart advertising is still here to be brainstormed and with each passing day, it will coin new benchmarks. So, what’s your take on it? Feel free to share it with us.

Image source: datafloq

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