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It all started when we received a big gift box from one of our long-time clients on April 1st. Everyone was curious about this pink gift-wrapped box sitting on the office coffee table since morning. But nobody knew who sent it or what it was. Then we received a mail from one of our loyal clients.

April Fool text written next to a baby laughing

Here is the mail we received from him:

April first gift

Prashant politely thanked the client and asked the team for suggestions on what should be done with the gift box. Most of those who worked on this client’s project were pretty excited about the contents of the box. But Dipayan, being the Sherlock Holmes kind of a guy, was already sceptical. This is what he had to say.

april first gift

Dipayan had sowed the seeds of doubt in everyone and nobody would open the box now! While everyone was waiting for a hero to come and save the day, Lokesh daringly chipped in with his brave remark.

april first gift

Prashant tempted others by saying that If Lokesh was to open the box, everything in it would be his to take. The temptation was too damn high with this one and everyone rushed to open the box.


Finally, when we had volunteers to open the box, the contents were disappointing- 4 small toffees and a newspaper in that big box. :-/

But our Sherlock Holmes made another interesting observation. The Hindu newspaper inside the box is the missing one from our office.

april first gift

april first gift

(By the way, Abid is our office boy) At this point, Ashutosh was pretty sure that this was an office prank. He demanded to see the Hindu newspaper of 31st March. Being the all rounder he is, Sukki noticed that Ria (our HR manager) wanted to save the packaging which hinted that this was indeed an internal prank.

april first gift

april first gift

But Dipayan did his research and found the mail from client to be genuine. However it wasn’t long before super-geeky Selvam revealed his hacking skills that could prove Dipayan’s observation to be wrong.

april first gift

Vivek wasn’t satisfied with the developments in the case, so he demanded a CBI investigation with this meme.

april first gift

(In case you don’t understand the meme, it says: This has to be investigated by the CBI- Everyone is involved.)

While Subhasis gave up by declaring the prank successful despite of who was behind it, Arpan was more interested in this meme than the whole ‘who is behind the prank’ issue.

april first gift

This is still an open case, seems like Ria will have to hire a detective to solve this one. We will somehow solve this and bring out the culprit by this Friday, meanwhile feel free to make guesses!

Update: Our techies turned investigators finally cracked the case. Turns out, It was the management teaming up with the client to make April fools day a grand one. Who would have guessed! Anyway, we had our share of fun.

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