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Exposing the wizards behind PromptCloud

Simplicity at its best personified, Subhasis is the always radiant chap at PromptCloud brimming with ideas and enthusiasm. An engineer by profession and a traveller by heart, Subhasis has managed to cast a spell of his quiet charm on all of us. We just made an effort to dig some of the secret ingredients that make him such a source of joy in this workplace and here is what we found.


Q: Tell us something about yourself?

A: I try to think of myself as a painting with multiple hues coming from different brush strokes. Hailing from Kolkata, I appreciate and indulge in all forms of arts, ranging from painting to literature to developing complex algorithms. I am a die-hard Barcelona fan, but mostly I enjoy any  football match from national league to La Liga. In spirit I love playing sports such  as volleyball, table-tennis, badminton and many more which I grew up playing in college. Although, recently haven’t had much opportunity to play them but my love for them is still there. Hanging out with friends and trying different cuisines are among my favourite pastimes.

Q: What do you like the most about your job?

A: The challenges in the work that I have come across since the first day I joined have been pretty exciting. They constantly push me to achieve more and make me realize that I have got a lot more to learn and explore. Besides, here we get a lot of scope to experiment on new technologies. Truly the learning quotient curve has been a steep rise seen 8th October,2014.

Q: If you could describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?

A: Hardworking, Passionate and a Dreamer.

Hardworking because I am constantly trying to do better than what I was before. So some time down the line when I look back, I can say that I have achieved my potential completely and truly.

Passionate because I want to take pride in my work and that comes with complete knowledge in my field. Hence nothing can stop me from absorbing in as much knowledge as I can till I am the best in what I do.

Dreamer because I am always an optimist. I believe that however dark the clouds may be, but a clear sky exists above them, and that is my ultimate destination!

Q: What is the best advice you have ever received in life?

A: I can’t think of one such best advice, but there are 2 advices that I have received that have stayed with me till now:

a) Don’t cry for a train that  has been missed, plan for the next one such that it does not get missed, come what may.

b) sometimes talking less saves from talking trash

Q: Where do you see yourself travelling on your next vacation?

A: It is a lengthy list of places that I would love to see myself in soon.

  • RoopKund
  • Pindari Glaciers
  • Varsey [sikkim]
  • may be viewing Aurora in North Pole
  • trekking somewhere in ALPS


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