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Cloud Indexing Search Solutions for Enterprises

PromptCloud offers cloud indexing search solutions. This is done via a search interface that uses indexes for every query made. This is a simple and viable solution that offers flexibility in scale and customization and makes finding needles in a haystack easy!

Cloud Indexing service helps enterprises scan large volumes of data and build an index. Indexes are updated when changes are made, thus returning returns in quick time. To enable this, requirements are taken in advance so that queries can be timed automatically.

Our API sets make info tagging possible even as it is being moved in or across secure cloud storage locations. Metadata permits you to set details on queries made and can retrieve data based on keyword or tags. Ours is a custom-made framework inspired by advances in data & cloud infrastructure.

Cloud indexing is an essential scalable requirement for database services. It extends many existing applications of the Cloud platform and sidesteps costly data center costs.

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