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Takeaways from PromptCloud’s demo at Unpluggd

July 13, 2012Category : Blog

Last weekend was eventful at Unpluggd with scores of entrepreneurs, techies, investors and fellow startup community members coming together to unveil a landscape that’s only imaginable. Implying, only when you attend something like this do you realize with what pace the startup culture is evolving and what’s trending (this time around I gathered it was..

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Introducing Ready-to-use Big Data Packages

July 9, 2012Category : Blog

In response to the hustle in the market, we have recently launched ready-to-use data packages for some popular websites which carry a lot of relevant and meaningful information for businesses to function. Our powerful crawlers have already crawled millions of URL’s in this regard and our extractors have structured this data with relevant attributes. These..

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Data Scraping vs Data Crawling

May 30, 2012Category : Blog

One of our favorite quotes has been- ‘If a problem changes by an order, it becomes a different problem’ and in this lies the answer to- what’s the difference between scraping and crawling? Data Crawling Meaning is to deal with large data-sets where you develop your crawlers (or bots) which crawl to the deepest of..

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Big Data- what’s so big about it?

April 21, 2012Category : Blog

Everyone has been hearing enough about big data these days, so much to consume all the space on social media, articles, blogs (including this one) and to keep technical writers engaged. So here are some thoughts to justify all the hype. What exactly does Big Data mean? Well, there’s no definition of big data in..

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