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Apple introduced its master plan for the next 10 years at its newly built ‘spaceship’ headquarters in California on 12th September. Several gadgets like the Apple Watch, TV, iPhones were unveiled in this event and the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X were the ones that garnered maximum buzz. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will feature superior cameras and more – while the flagship phone, iPhone X will come with ‘Face ID’, a ‘TrueDepth’ selfie camera, and a power-packed battery that will last two hours longer than the iPhone 7. The crux of the event was that the ‘Ten’, won’t be in a market until 3rd November and it’d cost $999. Just like any other Apple event, this one also garnered a massive number of tweets.

Considering tweets are a gold mine for text mining of publicly available data, we created datasets by downloading 5,000 tweets (excluding retweets) for each of ‘iPhone X’ and ‘iPhone8’ hashtags. Given below are the goals of the study:

  • Analyzing term frequency
  • Performing sentiment analysis

Let’s first start with the word cloud to get an overview of the most frequently used words. Note that certain generic terms like ‘Apple’, ‘iPhone’, and ‘iPhone’ were excluded. Given below is the word cloud for tweets containing ‘#iPhoneX’.


We can see that there are a large number of tweets around giveaways and sales. Apart from that, the Face ID technology, battery, iOS, and design were among the other most-discussed topics. Samsung also features as a brand when it comes to the alternatives — probably because of iPhone’s comparison with the Galaxy series which is also present in the word cloud. Now, let’s check out the word cloud for ‘#iPhone8’.


Here ‘Case’ has taken the limelight, which can be attributed to the fact that iPhone 8 is readily available for buyers, unlike iPhone X. That’s the reason ‘order online’ can also be seen. However, ‘giveaway’ and ‘win’ still feature in this case as well. Coming to the product-related topics, we can see that ‘charging’, ‘wireless’, ‘camera’ and ‘iOS’ are the prominent ones. Next, we’ll go through the bar chart of the top 10 most frequent terms.


This is in line with the word cloud and shows that most of the conversation points are driven by giveaway related topics, Face ID, and the new iOS.


As discussed earlier, many are discussing phone cases apart from topics related to giveaways. We also see a significant number of tweets also feature ‘AppleInsider’ which is a popular media outlet dedicated to Apple news and rumors.

Now, it’s time for us to study the sentiment of people: Are they are happy? Sad? Positive? Or Negative? Let’s first check out the chart that shows sentiment for tweets with ‘#iPhoneX’.


It shows that largely there is positive sentiment and the least expressed sentiment is disgust. Also, many are still in anticipatory mode, while an almost equal score goes to negative sentiment. The next most expressed sentiment is trust! What about the tweets for “#iPhone’? Let’s find out.


The sentiment expressed for the iPhone 8 series is similar to that of the iPhone X with the highest being positive and the least being disgust. One surprising aspect is the fear sentiment, which is higher in comparison to iPhone X. Also note that the relative difference between positive and negative sentiment for iPhone 8 is narrower than that of iPhone X.


This study shows that there are giveaway offers going on for both of the phones and people are talking about the Face ID in the case of iPhone X while a major topic surrounding iPhone 8 is ‘case’. In terms of sentiment analysis, it seems iPhone X has touched the right cords in comparison to iPhone 8. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Note: Charts created via R and ggplot2.

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