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Big Data Companies in UK

Staying on top of the latest advancements in the technology space can be difficult, especially given the fast pace of development nowadays. It’s even more relevant when it comes to big data as new products, services, and companies keep popping up in the big data domain pretty much every day. The big data companies in the UK are no different. Tech startups are generally located between the Old street area and Shoreditch which is better known as the ‘Silicon Roundabout’.

If you are watching the big data space and want to know which UK based top big data companies have the highest potential, we have compiled a list of big data companies in UK.

1. Mastodon C

Mastodon C is one of the best big data companies in UK that provide agile big data insights in a consumable format. They have developed two extensive big data platforms called Hecuba and Kixi to aggregate, model, and analyze the data and send it back to the businesses in a way it can be consumed by the stakeholders of the company. That too,  irrespective of their data science know-how. The data platforms of Mastadon C are powered by AWS and help businesses a great deal with data-backed operational optimization.

2. The Guardian

The Guardian isn’t exactly a big data company. However, this British national newspaper is notable for its open data culture. Guardian has published their raw data for the partners to utilize since 2009 via their API. The content created by The Guardian ranges way above 1.5 million articles since 1999 and is now open to anyone looking to build applications on top of it.

3. Carbonculture

CarbonCulture is a big data company with a mission to help individuals and businesses looking to use their resources smartly, thereby reducing the carbon footprint. It is an open platform that can be used to monitor workplace resource usage and get suggestions to save costs and boost efficiency. Some of their notable users include 10 Downing Street, University College London, and Cabinet office.

4. PWC

PriceWaterCoopers aka PWC is one of the largest professional services companies with an extensive network spanning about 157 countries. PWC facilitates open data research and handles the analytics part for the Open Data Challenge Series, an initiative aimed at tackling social problems through the use of open data services.

5. Doorda

Doorda makes government datasets accessible to citizens by bringing them together on a single online map. This helps the users get hold of public data relevant to their location such as crime hotspots, properties, schools, road safety, and local news. Doorda also does consult for companies looking to leverage big data to improve their operational efficiency.

6. GeoLytix

GeoLytix specializes in consulting and geospatial data. They employ data from the land registry, OpenStreetMap, and Transport for London among other sources to develop ‘geodata products’ like boundary data, points of interest, and maps. Some of these products are made available as open data projects such as workplace data, census data, and supermarket data.

7. Mime Consulting

If you are looking for data management services in the UK such as data analysis, warehousing, data visualization, or dashboard design, Mime Consulting is one of the leading providers. Based out of London, their team can equip new companies with the skills to make informed decisions on their company’s growth activities with the help of data-backed strategies.

8. is an IoT platform that can process large volumes of sensor data from any internet-enabled device. It has a real-time data processing system that is capable of analyzing millions of messages per second for use cases like motion sensor-based thermostat optimization for office spaces, automated car parking using license plate recognition, automating, and optimizing locks and lights, etc. The data generated on their platform is made available for free reuse.

9. Shoothill

Shoothill is a big data startup that builds tools and maps to anticipate and minimize the risk of flooding in the UK, using open data from Environmental agencies. Their FloodAlerts service helps stay informed about flooding in various areas while GuageMap helps track river levels.

10. Spend Network

Spend Network provides data analysis services to businesses and helps them forecast tender timelines and pricing. They also have free solutions to help the public sector with understanding trends and identifying inefficiencies in the procurement process for public sector contracts. If you have procurement-related issues at your company, Spend Network’s data-backed services can help you spot and fix them.

11. Swirrl

The UK based big data startup, Swirrl helps businesses with organizing and publishing their data. Their platform, known as PublishMyData is used by many companies in the public and private sectors to manage their digital data in structured and clean formats which makes them machine-ready as well.

12. TransportAPI

TransportAPI acts as a single yet extensive source of data related to the UK transportation system with data points like routes live running, and routes for various modes of transport such as buses, trains, bicycles, and cars. They extract this data from the Department for Transport, Network Rail, and Transport for London among many other sources. TransportAPI is used by over 1400 companies and developers to build services and apps

13. Kognito

Kognitio is a data analytics platform provider for business intelligence and data science firms. Some of their popular clients include Nectar, BT, and Bet365. They employ established big data technology such as Hadoop to facilitate smooth and managed data analytics services.


It’s obvious that more and more companies in the UK have started employing big data in their daily operations to reap the exclusive benefits it can provide. Even if your company isn’t specialized enough in big data, there are firms that can fill this gap by providing their in-house expertise as a service. Elements of big data are finding their way into a growing number of products and services and investors expect some level of data science baked into any company that’s worth its salt nowadays. These top big data companies from the UK are all geared up to embrace the big data revolution.

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