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Restaurant Data Scraping
Jimna Jayan

The food and beverage industry is brimming with the most untapped potential. To find a ‘clutter breaker’ is near impossible. What will truly differentiate you from the rest? What can truly differentiate you from the rest? Three words. Restaurant menu scraping. 

You have to be on the constant lookout for what everybody in your league (and above and below) is doing. You cannot afford to work in silos. How do you do it? We have the same solution to all of mankind’s problems. The worldwide web and the data it begets. The only true way of tracking the movement of all your competitors. And the only true way of gathering data is through web scraping. Restaurant scraper is the unfair advantage you need and seek. Let us walk you through some of the ways to extract data for the F&B industry. 

The Game Changer – Highly Curated Menu 

Well, this truly is the deal maker (or breaker). From the variety of cuisines to the variety of dishes to the sheer creativity of naming the dishes; all these matters beyond imagination. The menu is the first point of engagement with your consumer. They would go through your online menu from the comfort of their homes before they decide whether they want to drop in at yours or not. 

Consumers like to extract maximum perceived value from your menu: the more the choices, the better chances you have of getting them to pay you a visit. Curated, customized, creative: all that a consumer seeks. How do you understand the kind of menu that resonates most with the audience? Restaurant menu scraping and analyzing the plethora of menus available online. Restaurant scraper is the advantage you need. You can look at only restaurants which have the highest footfall and glaring reviews. There are also web pages that have a database of consolidated menus. You can extract data specifically from these websites.

You can then analyze which dishes are the bestsellers. You can then analyze the kind of names and descriptions that titillate the audience. You can then analyze how to spread many between different courses. A restaurant scraper is an advantage you seek.

But before you begin scraping any data, you need to understand your target audience obviously. Create buyer personas. List down their consumption habits and their preferences. There are highly specific restaurants which only reach out to particular segments: pescatarians, vegans, keto lover, fancy diner, QSR lover, the whole spectrum honestly. The age group matters too. The younger demographic is more experimental and are most likely to give in to fads. People above 50 have a very different demand when it comes to food. 

Intuitively you might think you need to include and exclude a bunch of things, it is only when you come down to studying how people are interacting with the menus of other restaurants will you get a data-solid answer. Restaurant scraper is the benefit you need.

You can narrow down your search. List down the restaurants which are your immediate competition. Just scrape and study their menus. How have their menus affected the ratings and reviews they receive? What is that one dish that consumers just can’t stop talking about? Want to kick it up a notch? Study their old menus and find out how they have evolved and the dishes they have discontinued. Sometimes it is more important to understand what is not working well more than what is working well. Restaurant scraper is the only fair advantage you have.

We know that it sounds like a lot. That is why data scraping services exist!

The True Differentiator – Pricing

Pricing your dishes right can be the truest form of differentiation. To create a competitive pricing strategy, you have to scrape the pricing when you scrape restaurant menu items. Restaurant scraper can aid in the crawling of the required data and insights. It will give you an extremely clear picture. Maybe some dishes are bestsellers only because of how they are priced and the demand highly prices elastic. Knowing how much people are willing to pay for a dish is a very important factor in optimizing your resources. Tracking industry prices in the only way to go. Identify the pricing behavior and user interaction with the dishes you’re going to have based on your competition and you already have a head start. 

Like always, understanding your target audience here becomes just as important. You have to set a price category of restaurants you’re looking to draw insights from. Remember, there is also a huge quality-price index wherein if you price your dishes too low to maximize sales, you might not come across as a credible source of good quality food. Restaurant menu scraping will also help you navigate this problem. 

Scraping Restaurants Reviews and Ratings 

Nothing can tell you more about the consumer sentiment than actual ratings and reviews they make an effort to give restaurants. It is the easiest way of involving your audience in your decision-making process without them ever realizing the role they had to play. How a consumer evaluates the menus of restaurants just cannot be ignored. There are way too many review-specific websites online that you could scrape to know exactly what the audience thinks about your immediate competition: from the dish they loved to the dish that didn’t match their expectations to the portion size that was too small to the price that was too high. All of it. In one scrape. Specific reviews matter more than the average. Restaurant location scraping specifically might also tell you at a granular level whether consumers are more likely to leave a good rating for restaurants in enviable locations. The entire experience comes into play and not just the menu itself. 

Why your restaurant business needs a web scraping service 

1) The legal conundrum: The major challenge with web scraping has always been the legal side of it. That is always taken care of if you work with a premium web scraping service. Legal violations then become the least of your worries. 

2) Channelize your strength: You could focus on your core expertise while web scraping services could be your perfect sidekick. You stick to the analysis while the dirty burnt war is done by the said services. 

3) Best quality data: get the most relevant data with the least amount of effort. Scraping will be done regularly to keep up with times and you get it in any format you desire.

Whichever industry you choose to be in, web data extraction is going to be an inseparable strategy-making aid. Especially if you’re in a highly competitive business like the F&B industry. All the data you need for your primary research is already out there. All you need is to extract it, consolidate it, and study it. They say that your best research is your own immediate competition. And they are right.


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